How to choose the right tattoo for you

How to choose the right tattoo for you

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision! You want a tattoo. How do you go about finding a design you want to have for the rest of your life? And how do you find a tattoo artist to create your body art?

When choosing a design, think about the reasons why you want the tattoo in the first place. Do you want to express yourself? Think about various symbols that have meaning to you or themes that interest you. (I.E. biker themes, Native American Themes, etc.) Buy a couple of tattoo magazines and see what designs interest you.

If you see a design on a book, poster, compact disc, greeting card, or sticker that is interesting to you, consider having it duplicated onto your skin. Keep in mind that the tattoo should be something that you would like to reflect yourself (or somebody else, if it is in memory of them.)

Decide on the colors that you want included in your tattoo. Many brighter color such as yellow, orange, purple, etc. may face with time, so be sure you are willing to go back every few years if you want it touched-up. Remember that a tattoo artist can make almost any change or alteration to designs, and many artists can draw your tattoo by hand.

(They usually charge extra for this!) Of course, you can also choose designs that are displayed at the tattoo parlor, but don’t limit your imagination, and don’t rush into anything!

When choosing a tattoo artist, be sure to shop around. It’s safe to say avoid any tattoo shop that isn’t listed in the yellow pages; this is usually an indicator that they aren’t established in the area.

For your first tattoo, you will want somebody with experience. Make a list of tattooists in your area and visit them. Show them your chosen designs, and get price quotes. View their portfolio to get samples of their art.

Now is also a good time to check out the sanitary conditions; if the shop seems dirty or the workers seem inexperienced, pass them up. Choose the tattooist you feel most comfortable with, and don’t choose the cheapest one! Remember that tattooing is both an art and a science; make sure your first tattoo is handled by a safety professional.

And, of course, remember that tattoos can be addictive! Make sure that you let your tattooist know that one day you will be back; they love a repeat customer!

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