How to choose the right logo for your business

How to choose the right logo for your business

When designing a logo for your small company it is important to keep a few things in mind.

This logo must be unlike anyone else’s. Do not copy a logo in any way. You want to have a unique logo just for you. The first thing to do is to be sure your company name is unique. When you choose your company name, you must register your name with the state you live in. They will do a search to find out if there are any companies that already use that name. When you find out that your name is unique and only yours, then you can design your logo.

A company logo can reflect the product or service. For instance, if you make birdhouses, your logo could have a bird in it. If you sell tea, your logo could be a teapot. You can even design your logo by taking a simple drawing of the product you sell and incorporate it into part of your name. An example would be, if you sell tea and your company name is “Catherine’s Herbal Tea”, draw out a teapot and make the “C” the handle on the teapot. There is an endless number of ways to be creative when designing a logo.

Remember when designing a logo, the simpler it is, the cheaper it will be to duplicate on your business cards, brochures, T-Shirts, hats, etc. Keep the colors to a minimum in order to keep costs down. A simple black logo on a white background can be effective. Another example is to design your company name into a shape that reflects your location. For instance, if your company is called “Hill Country Productions”, you can design the letters to form the shape of hills. Easier than that would be to just draw simple lines to imply hills and put them behind or above your company name.

Different computer programs can help you design a logo. Look for programs like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. It is just as easy to freehand a logo and it doesn’t cost you anything. There are professionals who can help you design your logo, but their fee can be more than you want to spend. If you don’t think you can design an appropriate or effective logo yourself, then it will be a good idea to hire someone to do it for you.

Logos ideas can be gathered by having contests to see what different people can come up with. The winner could be given a $50.00 prize for example. You could put out a questionnaire asking people’s opinions on a logo or even a company name. Find out what people like.

After designing your logo, see how it looks from a distance. Can you tell me what it is? Will people know what it is when they see it on a small business card or a large banner? Sometimes the size of a logo will distort it and it may not look like what you intended.

A logo does not have to reflect the product or service you provide. Think about the style and the theme you wish to convey. Who is your target audience? How much do you want to spend on a logo? You don’t want your logo to overpower your company name.

Think about the balance of your name with the logo you choose. Take everything into consideration when designing your own logo. After you choose several logos, study them for a while and get others’ input. A logo is something you will live with for a long time. You can do it!

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