How to Choose the Right Glue for Woodworking Projects

How to Choose the Right Glue for Woodworking Projects

There are many varieties of adhesives on the market today.

Knowing which one to choose can be the difference between the success and failure of your project. Below you will find several different types of adhesive, their uses, and holding power.

Epoxy is probably the best all-around adhesive. It will bond any two surfaces, sets in 5 to 30 minutes, cures in 1 to 10 hours, and has excellent holding power. Cyanoacrylates(instant bonding such as Krazy glue) are also good for use on plastic, rubber, metal, hardwood, ceramic, or glass. They set on contact for up to 2 minutes and cure in 12 to 24 hours. Be careful when using these, as they bond skin instantly!

When working with wood, the best choice is resorcinol or formaldehyde-based adhesive. It sets in 7 to 10 hours and cures in 24 to 30 hours with excellent holding power. A polyvinyl resin-based adhesive will also give you good staying power on wood, as well as, hardboard, paper, and chipboard. It sets faster, 1 to 5 hours, and cures in 24 to 30 hours with good holding power.
Fair choices for wood bonding are rubber and plastic-based adhesives. Rubber will bond on contact and set in 30 to 60 hours; plastic could set in anywhere from 5 minutes to 6 hours and could take up to 2 days to set.

Overall, epoxy seems to be your best bet for an all around adhesive that will take you from project to project without skipping a beat.Happy bonding!

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