How to choose the Right Career

How to choose the Right Career

Whether you have been in the workforce for a while or are just starting out with your first career, it is important that you find the career that is right for you. Knowing what you want to do is often the easy part. Finding the right place or line of work takes time and self-evaluation. Follow these tips and you will be on your way to picking a career that will make you happy.

Tip 1: Know your interests (and what you are not interested in)

It is often said that those individuals who follow their passion are the ones most likely to make a very comfortable living doing what they do. The first step in choosing a career is knowing what you are interested in; knowing your passion.

Within each hobby or discipline, there is an array of jobs available. For example, if you are a mountain biker and all you want to do in the world is mountain bike, then it is important that you find a career that either enables that hobby or actually makes a career out of that hobby. Talk to your local bike shops for sales positions or contact the Parks System in your city to find out about the possibility of leading bike tours in your area.

When you find a career that allows you to engage in what you are most passionate about, you will prove to be a valuable and happy employee. Furthermore, you will find that your workday feels more fulfilling than if you were to spend time working in a career that took you away from your passion.

Tip 2: Know your strengths and weaknesses

When picking a career, it is important to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses honestly. Too often, people choose jobs in careers that seem fitting from the outside, but once they get into the career, they find that their skills are not up to the requirements of the position.

Ask yourself some simple questions such as Am I detail-oriented? Do I enjoy administrative office work? How do I handle stress? Would I prefer a career with flexibility to one with a routine? Am I a good leader?

These are all questions that will help you to narrow your search for a career. For example, if you say that you are detail-oriented, then you may want to look for a career where details are important, such as microbiology or decorating. If you are not very detail-oriented, then you should look for team opportunities and ways to make use of your imagination instead. Perhaps something like event planning would work for you.

Tip 3: Know your likes and dislikes; talk about them

It is incredibly important to know what you like and do not like prior to accepting a position in any career. Know practically what it is about a career you like and talk with those already in the position to find out more about what the day-to-day is like.

For example, you might enjoy watching movies and think it would be ideal to work as a production assistant on a movie set. After the first day on the job, you would learn that being a production assistant is all about hauling equipment around the set and holding down lighting fixtures; it has really very little to do with actually creating the film. Chances are that if you had spoken with a veteran production assistant, you would have learned in advance what it means to fulfill his job role.

The key is identifying your drive and discussing your ideas with someone who has been in your position and someone who now holds the position you think you would like.

These are only a few basic tips to help you pick the career that is right for you. For more advice or career counseling, consult your local resources. Most local newspapers have a business section full of tips and current local happenings. Also, at your Small Business Development Center you can schedule an appointment with a retiree who could counsel you on specific career choices. Good luck!

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