How to Choose the Best Stroller

How to Choose the Best Stroller

Finding the stroller that is right for you is more than a matter of name-brand recognition and positive reviews in parenting magazines. Before you purchase your stroller, ask yourself the following questions in order to help you choose the stroller most suited to the needs of you and your family.

How old is your child?

Newborns are unable to sit up on their own and need a seat that reclines sufficiently. You may choose a stroller with multiple reclining positions or one compatible for use with an infant car seat. Some strollers are a combination of the two. Still, other infant strollers have seats that can face rear or front and may be removed to double as a travel bassinet.

How many children will be using the stroller?

Strollers are available from singles through quads. Some are made to be used by children of the same age and some can be used by children of different ages.

If your children are the same age, all seats need the same features: all infants should be able to recline and all older children need suffient leg room.

If your children are different ages you may choose a model where only one seat reclines or a sit or stand style, where your toddler has the option of sitting on a shelf seat facing the rear or standing on a platform facing the front.

Who will primarily be using the stroller?

Different people have different stride lengths. Try to have whomever will be using the stroller the most try it out before you buy it. Feet knocking against the back of the stroller can be uncomfortable for adult and stroller occupant. Some strollers come with adjustable handles, which may put the stroller at a more comfortable arm length and keep the feet from hitting the back.

Where will the stroller primarily be used?

For inside locations such as malls or areas with smooth sidewalks, you may simply want the stroller that folds the most compactly and opens the easiest. Umbrella strollers are light weight, compact, and ideal for travel with older babies and children. They generally make excellent second strollers.For those needing strollers for multiple children, front to rear seat positioning is more suited to places with tight spaces, such as clothing stores and shopping centers, rather than side by side seating arrangements.

If you will be jogging or strolling on rough terrains, such as beaches, grass, or bumpy roads, a jogger stroller or an all-terrain stroller may be the better option.

How much space is available for transportation and storage?

Some carriages and strollers for multiples will not fit in the trunk of many cars. Unless you’ll be walking to your destination, you will need to purchase a stroller that fits into your vehicle.

Also, if you live in an apartment or other location where space is at a premium, you may want to purchase a stroller that folds compactly and can easily be tucked away.

How maneuverable is the stroller?

Try the stroller before purchase. If you don’t yet have a child of your own, try borrowing someone else’s. A rider will give you a truer test. Steer one-handed as well as two.

How easy is set-up?

Some strollers can be popped open with one hand while others practically require contortions.

How much money are you willing to spend?

Strollers generally range in price from $15 for some umbrella models up to $450 for a triple baby jogger. Models in between may vary greatly in price.

Strollers come in all sizes and colors, designed for general use or a specific purpose. They can be light weight and compact or heavy and bulky, for a single child or multiple children. Careful consideration of the above questions will help you choose which stroller is right for you.

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