How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

How to Choose the Best Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

Thinking of trying a new hair color?

Give it some thought before selecting the shade or you could end up with a look that no one likes. Certain skin tones look best with particular hair colors. Although nature mixes all different colors of skin with all different shades of hair some colors and shades just look perfect with each other.

Women throughout the years have tried various hair shades and found that it looked even better than the original color. On the other hand, some women have tried a new shade only to find it makes them look pale, even sickly.

In some cases that’s exactly the look, you’re after. If you’re into Gothic looks and you’re lightly complected simply dye the hair jet black and you’re there. The dye must be extremely black and not shades of brown, though. If Gothic isn’t your style and you’re light complected a medium brown shade is beautiful.

Unlike the black shade brown hair doesn’t show off your light skin. Some shades of blonde are also very nice against light skin but avoid platinum colors. Hair in shades of nearly white can make a light complected person seem wan. Some shades of red can make pale skin look even lighter so stick with auburn or soft shades of red.

Women with medium complexions are fortunate in that they can wear most shades of hair color. Those being the case keep your eye color in mind while shopping for dyes. Medium complexions with blonde hair and blue or green eyes are fabulous. Blonde or brown hair with brown eyes is sultry.

Dark complexions or great tans look good with most any shade of hair. Blonde hair with a great tan is always in style. Brown or black hair with dark skin is also very appealing. Some red shades lose their beauty next to dark skin. Hair dye boxes usually have a picture of what the color will look like on hair. Hold the picture next to your skin to see how it looks before purchasing red.

Very dark skin with dark eyes and dark hair is a classic. If you want to lighten really black hair it’s not a good idea to go with shades of blonde. Brown or auburn is a better choice. Red is taboo, particularly shades that appear almost orange. Some women with black skin have pulled off being a blonde or a redhead but not a great look on most women.

Of course, each woman can choose her own color with which she feels comfortable. No one can tell someone else what looks and feels right on them. Certain factors come in to play when choosing hair color. Some women like to stand out and get noticed so they may choose a more daring color than most.

Other women select more demure shades since they prefer not to draw attention to themselves but to simply have nice hair. Don’t despair if you’ve chosen a color that didn’t turn out quite the way you wanted. You can dye your hair a different color, this time choosing a more appropriate color, and you’ll be radiant once again.

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