How to choose slingback heels

How to choose slingback heels

Slingback shoes are a flexible fashion trend that can work for many occasions, from the office to evening to a casual lunch with friends. Choosing the pair that works just right with your own personal style is part of the fun. Whether you’re wearing a dress, trousers, jeans, or a skirt, slingback shoes are a fashionable look that will really add flair to your outfit.

Picking out the perfect pair begins with thinking about your personal preferences. Not everybody likes wearing heels, so the good news is that slingbacks are available in a variety of flattering flat styles as well. In fact, if you prefer to wear flats, choosing a slingback style can help dress up your outfit without forcing you to deal with the discomfort of heels.

The color of your shoes is of course important as well. Black, brown, taupe, and navy blue will all match with a variety of your outfits. Even white shoes go nicely with light colors (assuming the season is appropriate white shoes in winter are still considered by many fashion traditionalists to be a faux pas).

If you’d like to coordinate the color of your new slingbacks with a specific outfit, don’t pick the exact same shade. Instead, pick a color that compliments what you’re wearing instead of matching it exactly. For special occasions, a metallic hue in silver or gold can add a really special touch. Gold looks great with deep primary colors like red, blue, or green; silver is beautiful with lighter shades like pink or yellow.

Be sure to pick a shoe that fits well and is comfortable. Some slingbacks feature an elastic strap around the back of your heel; others offer an adjustable strap with a buckle and holes similar to a belt. Both styles are easy to wear provided you put the time and effort needed into finding a pair that fit just right. The belt-style strap is easier to customize to your particular foot.

Remember, if you buy shoes that hurt your feet, they will never leave your closet. Don’t be tempted into purchasing an ill-fitting pair because the color and style are perfect and the price is just right. A pair of shoes you never wear is no bargain.

A very cute way to wear slingback shoes is with the trendy cropped style of pants and trousers such as culottes and clam diggers. A slingback with a slight heel lengthens the leg and slenderizes the ankle, making this look easier for shorter women to pull off. But even a flat slingback shoe will have the same effect.

Cunning details like bows, beading, a subtle pattern, or even polka dots will add flair and draw attention to fashionable slingbacks. Choosing an open-toed style is a great way to draw attention to pretty painted toenails and can be an especially fun look for the spring and summer months.

Try pairing your new slingbacks with a flirty summer dress or wear them with a calf-length skirt and a pretty floral blouse.

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