How to Choose healthy fast foods

How to Choose healthy fast foods

How to recognize healthy foods on the fast-food menu

One way to recognize healthy foods on a fast-food menu is to first realize that certain types of foods are more healthy by nature and can only be made unhealthy on purpose. Some fast-food restaurants now serve soups and salads, which by nature tend to be healthier.

The names of the individual soups (ex. vegetable) or salads (plain house salad) can direct you further as to which among these are healthiest. Remember not to add a dressing that is too fat and you will be all set.

When ordering the other items on the menu take a similar approach by remembering to say “hold any condiments, please”. This way if you order the fish sandwich you can hold the tartar sauce and have a much healthier meal overall. See if they have anything that isn’t fried? Ask is you can have your fries without salt or ketchup. Perhaps you can wash some of the salt off with some healthy vinegar.

Carry some olive oil or another additive with you to make your meal more healthful. Ask what’s in an item and hold those that are high in fat and low in protein. A Mexican fast food restaurant is a great place to take this approach because everything is made from scratch from its basic ingredients. Ask what their low cholesterol or low fat or health food menu consists of. Some sub sandwich restaurants may have a lot of meatless or otherwise nutritious options too.

OK let’s say you go to a burger joint and there is no option that is more, nor less, healthy than the mega-ounce burger with grease. Get the burger, go ahead, get it, in fact in reference to any vegetables available, get the works. Then pull over for a minute. Open your burger and rip half the meat right out of the center.

Let it drip dry for a moment if need be or even peal one grease-soaked bun off as well and fold it over in the remaining bun. Make sure you ordered no condiments. Now you have removed a third of the fat and cholesterol and added veggies. Where there is a diet conscious will, there is away.

How to make healthy foods quickly at home

Less is more. The fewer ingredients you work with the more the flavor of each will shine rather than being drowned out by the rest. That is part of how to make them fast. If you let the foods themselves constitute your flavor rather than any seasonings or spices you will also eat healthy and conserve even more in preparation time.

Think three ingredients

A great example of a quick, three-ingredient meal that is delicious and health-conscious is baked zucchini with tomato and onion slices. Simply take a small, narrow, clean and whole, fresh zucchini and cut notches in it every two inches crossways, about an inch deep. Remember the zucchini itself should only be about 3 inches thick. Now place tomato wedges in the first notch in the zucchini, then onion in the next, and so on. Bake for 20 minutes or until the color is appetizing. With 5 minutes of preparation time and cooking time free to set the table, or what-have-you, you really have a quick and healthy meal.

What about fast foods to go straight from home?

New variations on old themes can make foods that were always quick now healthy too, and ready to go. How about wheat and veggie toasted cheese sandwich to eat on the fly? Switch the white bread to wheat and use only one slice of cholesterol-free cheese and the battle is half won. Now add slices of tomato on the inside and a slice of fresh cucumber uncooked on the outside after it comes out of the frying pan (with a toothpick of course) and you have a filling and tasty treat that can also be carried and doesn’t carry any extra calories but actually takes off the pounds.

And why not make a week’s worth of extremely healthful soups that you can warm in the microwave any time and throw in a thermos to go? Pick up the freshest (not canned) healthy greens you can, get 6 or 7 that you enjoy most, and add corn and potatoes too. Now make a soup with lots of water and no added seasonings with the possible exception of a salt substitute or some healthful herbs and you’re ready to go.

A final thought to make all fast meals healthy

Don’t forget to order and drink plenty of plain water before, during and after any fast and healthy meal. Very few of us get as much water in our diet as we ought. And we aren’t supposed to be getting it while maintaining the amounts of food we eat, only to stretch our stomachs all the more. Unless you are as trim as the fittest fitness experts of the day are, you too can follow this advice.

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