How to choose best tooth whitening products

How to choose best tooth whitening products

Have you noticed lately that your teeth simply aren’t as white as they once were?

It could be time to use a tooth whitening process. In days gone by a person had to go to a dentist to have their teeth cleaned to get them whiter.

Now you can just go to a department store and pick up one of many different teeth whitening kits. The question is which product to use. There are so many to choose from, all of which claim to get teeth much whiter.

Some products claim to whiten teeth but after trying for quite some time you might not notice much difference. Some teeth whitening processes have become more popular than others because they seem to work better. One variety of teeth whitening products is the whitening toothpaste. For these to work they must be used in an ongoing fashion, replacing your regular toothpaste. The instructions often have you brush for quite a lengthy amount of time but is pleasant-tasting.

Another form of whitening contains a tooth tray type of apparatus that is placed in the mouth. It’s a plastic form that takes the shape of your teeth. You place the whitening product into the tray and place the tray on the teeth. These types are left on the teeth for about 20 to 30 minutes while the whitening does its job. It’s difficult to talk with the tray in the mouth, making these a little less popular.

In addition, if you put too much solution in the tray you end up swallowing quite a bit of if. And when using it on bottom teeth most of the solution simply drain out and into the mouth. Use this type of whitening as instructed on the box but don’t expect to see immediate results. Most tooth whitening products take days, weeks, or even months to work properly.

Another form of whitening is the strips. These are small, clear strips which are placed on the teeth. Peel the strip and place it across the top front teeth. Fold the remainder of the strip under and behind the teeth. A separate strip is included for bottom teeth. These are left on for about 30 minutes then removed and thrown away. The taste is not unpleasant and the wearer can still talk without any trouble. A variation of this type of whitening is the night strip which is left on for the entire night.

One other type of whitening is a brush-on product. It is applied with a brush that resembles a nail polish brush. The whitening is brushed on to the teeth, left for a certain amount of time, then rinsed away. The product doesn’t stay on the teeth well and it will take many applications to get results.

If you’ve tried the over-the-counter products without much success talk to a dentist about getting a professional bleaching job in-office. The dentist applies the solution which makes a noticeable difference and will schedule regular appointments, usually twice a year, to keep the teeth as white as they can be.

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