How to choose a weight loss supplement for men

How to choose a weight loss supplement for men

No supplement is the primary aid in weight loss. They can help assist the body in certain ways when a healthy eating and exercise plan is followed. Using two types of supplements will help the most with weight loss. Thermogenic products and protein powders/bars/drinks will be the most helpful types of supplements.

Men tend to lose muscle mass and increase our belly size as we age. This process can be halted and reversed with a life long program of healthy eating and exercise. But the common staple is not always that easy to follow.

In the past 20 years, supplements have grown into a multi-billion dollar industry. In recent years fat burners have flooded the market with promises of dramatic weight loss and instant lean physiques. Lets first look at what a so-called fat burner really is and what it does in the body?

Any product on the market listed as a fat burner is primarily a stimulant of some kind. The primary stimulants in these products are caffeine, guarana, green tea extract, and yes even still ephedrine. They all work in different potencies by increasing thermogenesis within the body.

This simply means they help to burn calories by increasing the basal(resting) metabolism. This process can burn anywhere from an additional %2-%10 during the period of time the product is in the body. Overall the amount of calories burned is not a lot, but there are two positive factors that this will serve to help.

When a man is trying to lose weight the total overall calorie expenditure is what really allows for significant weight loss. So using a thermogenic supplement in moderation over an extended period of time will help in weight loss. Also the energy boost a man gets when using this type of product will assist in weight loss by increasing the intensity and efficiency during exercise.

The process of weight loss for men primarily comes from reducing the amount s of refined carbohydrates and saturated fats in the diet. These two culprits always make weight loss virtually impossible. Making sure enough lean protein is consumed each day will help to increase weight loss.

Protein keeps the body full longer because it takes longer to digest. This also helps in weight loss because the body has to burn calories just to process the protein. %15 of all protein calories are burned just indigestion alone.

Getting enough protein from quality sources is the hard part. The use of a protein supplement will ensure the body is getting a sufficient daily amount. The ideal amount is 1gram of protein per pound of your ideal body weight. Using powders, drinks or food bars are all equally effective.

Using one of these protein supplement sources 1-2x daily will provide the body with a lean quality of the source of protein to aid in weight loss.

Always keep in mind that a supplement is in addition to. Following a sensible eating plan and exercising moderately are the two main tools to achieve weight loss.

The usage of any supplement should always be carefully researched and considered before making them part of a weight loss plan. Always check with a medical professional before using any type of product mentioned in this article.

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