How to change your perfume to suit the seasons

How to change your perfume to suit the seasons

On a sweltering summers’ day, walking around in a cloud of a strong perfume won’t win you any popularity contests. If everyone around you is already struggling to deal with the stifling heat, one more demanding element will fray tempers further. If you find that everyone mysteriously finds a reason to get out of the room soon after you enter, maybe it’s time to fine-tune your perfume to suit the season.

How concentrated is your perfume?

If you’re wearing the most concentrated version of your favourite perfume and it’s the height of summer, you might want to change to the eau de toilette form of the same fragrance. Not only is the watered-down version less expensive, it’s lighter and will fade on your skin more quickly. The result is you’re more likely to dominate a room with your personality, and not the smell of your perfume.

There is a range of lighter fragrance options open to you, which you might want to consider for the warmer months of the year. Aromatherapy spritzes are not only light and often contain a greater proportion of water to fragrance, but they can also enhance your mood. Choose one that is designed to energize you and spray it on your wrists and cleavage on a Monday morning. Or, on a hot Saturday night, try an aromatherapy spray that promises to enhance romantic feelings, and see how your date reacts!

The colder months can also pose a fragrance challenge. Even though the thermometer might have dipped below zero, you may be working in an office that is overheated or having dinner in a restaurant that has its thermostat wound right up. These kinds of conditions essentially replicate the summertime and could put you directly in the firing line of the fragrance police once again.

Stick to the maxim “less is more”. If you love using a heavy concentrated perfume and can’t bear the thought of waiting until the autumn months to wear it, dab a tiny amount on your pulse points, and try to limit it to a
sultry evening party, or al fresco dinner.

Change of season, change your fragrance.

Are you stuck in a perfume rut? Although it can take an age to find a new perfume that feels just right, the extra effort can certainly pay off. The changing seasons can provide you with the perfect excuse to do some exploring at the perfume counter. When you’re wearing a different fresher
scent, you will be constantly reminded that you need to take a moment to look around you, and to enjoy the beauty of a particular time of year.

What about replacing your musky Oriental fragrance with a lighter, floral-based perfume for spring? Or try one of the summery fragrances available, which may make you feel that you’ve just come back from the beach. Fragrances with lemon or lime overtones are refreshing and cooling and will make you feel that you’re enjoying the citrus tang of an ice-cool
a glass of home-made lemonade.

Adapting your perfume to suit changing climates, then, has a hidden advantage. As well as ensuring that your perfume is not overpowering your friends and colleagues and having an antisocial effect, a change in your fragrance can also remind you that it really is important to stop and smell
the roses – as well as the frangipanis, geraniums, or citrus fruit!

Adapting your perfume
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