How to change a diaper-Tips from an expert

How to change a diaper-Tips from an expert

Changing a diaper doesn’t have to be a messy, time-consuming event. By following a few simple steps, you can make a diaper from dirty to clean in the shake of a rattle.

The first step is to prepare the changing area. Have everything that you are going to need right at your disposal. This includes a diaper, wipes, rash ointment and a small toy for the baby.

Before you set up your materials, find the perfect spot to change the diaper. A changing table is great, because it puts you at the right height and angle. You won’t have to deal with a sore back or an awkward position. However, never leave the baby on the changing table.

If you drop or forget something, take the baby with you or put one hand on the baby’s stomach to keep him or her stable, while you reach for what you need. Babies of any age can fall and sustain serious injury if left alone. If a changing table is not available use a bed or the floor. Put a towel under the baby to prevent messes.

Next, set up your materials. If you are using a disposable diaper, unfold it and lay it off to the side. If you are using a cloth diaper, lay it to the side with the safety pin opened and out of the reach of the baby. Open the wipes and remove a few from the package. Sometimes wipes don’t pull out easily, especially if you are at the end of a package, so having a few ready can save some valuable seconds.

Now, un-snap, un-buckle or remove whatever part of the baby’s clothes you need to, to get access to the diaper. If it is a cold day, leave the upper body covered, so that the baby is as comfortable as possible. Remember, the more uncomfortable the baby is, the more uncomfortable diaper changing will be for both of you.

Now put the baby on the changing table. Babies more than a few months old, may squirm and be unhappy. Give them a small toy to play with and look at, this will usually buy you enough time to complete the diaper changing. If the child loses interest in the toy, you can stall a little longer by singing a song or playing peek-a-boo.

It is important to concentrate on the task at hand. Speed is of the essence when changing a diaper. Once, the baby is on the table and happily looking at the toy, remove the dirty diaper. You do this by un-hooking the two side tabs, which should be located near the baby’s hips, facing you.

If the diaper just has urine, you can fold it up for disposal. If the diaper involves a bowel movement, un-hook the tabs and lift up the top panel. You can use this top panel as your initial wipe. Hold it in your hand, and gently press it in along the baby’s bottom, until you reach the back of the diaper.

Then, simply move the diaper, which is now folded in half, out of the way. This method gets rid of some of the mess before you even see it, it is a good tool for the squeamish.

Next, take a wipe and gently clean the baby’s bottom. If the baby is a girl, it is important to wipe only from front to back. This will help prevent fecal matter from getting into the vaginal area and causing an infection.

As you clean the baby, put the used wipes on top of the dirty diaper that you moved out of the way. Also, be sure that the baby’s bottom is completely clean. Any fecal matter left on the baby’s bottom can be irritating to the baby and cause a diaper rash.

Now, put the clean diaper on the baby. Place the side of the diaper with the tabs, under the baby’s bottom, at hip level. This is the point that you should apply diaper rash ointment if it is needed. If any part of the baby’s bottom looks red or irritated, apply a small amount, using your finger. Next, pull the front section of the diaper up to the front hip-level of the baby and secure the tabs. Be sure that the tabs are secure but not too tight.

The diaper should be as snug as a comfortable pair of underwear. Also, check around the leg openings to be sure that the diaper is not tucked under. Simply run your finger around each leg opening and the diaper should pop into place, this could prevent a diaper leak before the next change.

Now that the diaper change has been completed, remove the baby from the changing table and proceed to clean up. The best way to dispose of a dirty diaper is to roll it up, with the wipes inside, and secure it with the side tabs. This will prevent any of the mess from spilling out. Finally, wash your hands.

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