How to care for office plants

How to care for office plants

In today’s bustling, fast-paced world, it seems exceedingly difficult for the average business person to create and maintain a pleasant, lively working environment with living plants. Many people have a misconception that live plants are difficult to care for, but in fact, they can be very easy if the species of plant are chosen carefully.

The key to keeping office plants alive is finding types that require low light and infrequent watering. You always want to ensure that whatever plants you use for decorative purposes are low-maintenance, and do not need a large source of light, unless they can be placed by a window that provides a good amount of consistent sunlight. Plant food is optional but will help your greenery grow healthier, larger, brighter colored leaves. For plants that only need a small amount of light and water, use a liquid houseplant food, and apply four to six drops directly to the dirt once every month or so, before regular waterings.

Spider plants are terrific for use indoors because they are hardy and thrive in just about any type of environment. Many people choose the spider plant as a beginner to start a garden or to place in a window. Spider plants produce shoots, which are actually smaller versions of the larger plant, and can be removed and repotted. They are extremely resilient and do well in a setting where very little care is required.

The pothos, one of the most common houseplants, is the perfect plant to start with. It is extremely easy to care for, can be “broken up” and replanted to create more plants, and requires very little attention. The pothos also grows very quickly, so it’s much more budget-savvy to buy a couple of smaller plants at once versus one large plant. It also adds a beautiful touch of greenery with its long, flowing stems and bountiful leaves. They’re perfect as hanging plants and can be either potted in a regular pot or hung from the ceiling in a basket.

Ivy is another plant that is almost fail-proof for an office setting. Not only does it give life and decoration to a dull desk or shelf, but it helps to clean the air and is extremely easy to maintain. Ivy only needs to be watered when its soil has gotten almost entirely dry, which usually equates to about once per week. This is also the case for the pothos, which gives the busy worker time to get assignments done instead of worrying about maintaining the plants.

For a large foyer or open waiting room typesetting, the corn plant (not the vegetable), is a perfect addition. The species type for the corn plant is dracaena, a typical species of the houseplant. It looks very similar to a palm tree, but requires minimal lighting, and can tolerate artificial light extremely well. This is the perfect plant to display in main entryways, and gives a pleasant odor in the spring when it blooms white flowers. If cared for correctly, it can grow to be almost 6 feet tall.

With a little bit of care and careful selection, anyone can have a nice, green environment in their office with little maintenance.

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