How to care for new leather shoes

How to care for new leather shoes

Good quality leather shoes can last you a long time if you care for them properly but many people don’t know how to look after their leather shoes. Today we live in a “throwaway” society, where we replace things just about as soon as we get them and where most people have shoes in excess. Back in older times, it was not uncommon for someone to only own one pair of shoes. These shoes were often cared for well and lasted just about a lifetime.

Today we usually don’t have the time to worry about caring for our shoes and prefer the easier option of not worrying about them and then replacing them as needed. However, it actually doesn’t take much effort to keep your leather shoes well and hopefully even extend their life.

The first thing you should do after you buy a new pair of leather shoes is coat them in some kind of sealer or protecting agent. You can usually but something like that from where you purchased the shoes or if not a good shoe store would sell some. Shoe protecting agent usually comes in a spray form and you apply two or three coats of it.

The protecting agent should have a waterproofing agent and this will help to seal the shoes against the ailments that they may face in the future. It is a good idea to reapply the protecting agent every few months. This may need to be done more often if the shoes have been exposed to harsh conditions regularly.

If your leather shoes do get wet, set them aside to dry naturally and don’t continue to wear them while they are wet unless you are deliberately trying to stretch the leather or shape it. Leather is best if it is kept soft and leather shoes are far more comfortable if the leather is soft to wear. If the leather on your shoes becomes hard or stiff you may need to apply some wax or polish to get them soft again.

Clear shoe wax or even a non-harsh furniture wax works well when lightly rubbed into leather shoes and this is an especially good option to use on boots such as working or hiking boots. With dress shoes, it is best to ask the outlet you brought them from what you should do to upkeep them. Dress shoes usually need to be polished occasionally and often with expensive brand name shoes, special upkeep may be involved to keep them in peak condition.

Try not to expose your shoes to harsh chemicals that can damage the leather. Where ever possible treat your leather with natural-based products. If your shoes do get exposed to a harsh substance, wipe them down lightly with a soft cloth and warm water and reapply a coat of waterproof protector to them.

Wearing socks also helps to persevere the life of your shoes. Obviously with some shoes, especially ladies’ dress shoes this may be impossible but when possible wear socks or stockings with your leather shoes. This prevents moisture from your body getting into the leather and also prevents odor from occurring!

When polishing shoes, always use a soft cloth or rag and polish in a circular like motion. Rub the polish in well. There is no need to worry about injuring the shoe, it is best to rub the polish in well and make sure that it sinks into the leather itself too. If there are traces of polish left on the shoe surface when you are done, you may need to wipe them away so as to not cause polish marks where you don’t want them, such as on your socks or pant legs.

Caring for your shoes doesn’t take too much effort and the outcome is well worth the effort. You can get a longer life out of your shoes and perhaps even preserve that favorite pair of shoes. All it takes is a little bit of work and a bit of care to have your leather shoes looking and staying great!

Caring for your shoes

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