How to care for a guinea pig

How to care for a guinea pig

A guinea pig is a friendly little animal that makes a good pet for children and adults.

You will notice that at first your guinea pig runs away from you and you may be concerned that your pet doesn’t like you. Guinea pigs are shy animals but with alot of patience on your part, you will eventually gain his trust and he will want your attention when ever he can get it.

Before you go to the pet store to pick out your new pet, there are a few things that you will need to prepare for your pet ahead of time.

A Home For Your New Pet

Your new pet will need a house. The house that you prepare for your guinea pig is very important. It will need to have a lot of ventilation due to the fact that the ammonia that is given off by urine can make your guinea pig sick. You should never allow him to become wet. The bedding must be kept dry at all times. An all glass aquarium is not a good home for a guinea pig because there is not enough ventilation. A wire cage with a solid bottom is a good home for a guinea pig. A large bird cage with a tray that pulls out is a good home for a guinea pig as the tray can be pulled out and cleaned daily.

Food For Your New Pet

The main part of your guinea pig’s diet will be guinea pig pellets which you can buy in your local pet store. You should have a dish of pellets in the cage at all times so the guinea pig can eat whenever he is hungry. It is a good idea to also offer him fruit or vegtables each day.Since a guinea pig requires a lot of vitamin C, turnip greens are a good choice for a treat for the guinea pig. If you do not give him fruits or vegtables you will need to give him vitamin C drops in his water bottle. You can buy these drops in the pet store.
The water bottle should be kept full all the times.

The Bedding

A good bedding material for the guinea pig is hay.It must be changed every day because you must make sure that your guinea pig does not get wet from his waste. You could also use shredded paper for bedding.

The cage should be cleaned once a week with hot water and a mild detergent and rinsed very well. Dry the cage before putting the bedding in.


Guinea pigs love attention. If you have more than one guinea pig they will look to each other for attention but if you have only one, he will look to you for attention. Guinea pigs love to be pet and talked to. You will notice that he will run around the cage and get excited when you come into the room.


Guinea pigs can be trained but it takes a great deal of patience and effort.


It is fairly easy to tell when your guinea pig is not feeling well. If he suddenly refuses to eat or drink, has diarrhea or just doesn’t seem like himself you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.

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