How to buy a cheap used honda civic

How to buy a cheap used honda civic

When looking to purchase an inexpensive used Honda Civic, the buyer should be aware of the best potential sources in which to find what they are searching for. As there is an infinite number of sellers of used Civics ranging from private individuals to independent small dealers, to large multi-state corporate conglomerates, the buyer has available to him or her an endless array of choices, some of which are generally good sources and others that are not.

There are ways in which to narrow your search for Honda Civics that afford you the best chances to find a good and inexpensive used vehicle.

How to buy an inexpensive used Honda Civic

  • The Internet is perhaps the best source for locating cheap used Honda Civics. Not only do most dealers have web sites advertising their inventory, but there are a number of sites specializing in automobile sales that are stocked with large numbers of inventory as well. Sites such as eBay,, and offer a wide selection of used Honda Civics currently available in different areas of the country. Since private individuals usually list these cars for sale, there tends to be some room for negotiation when bidding on a particular car, which is especially good for the buyer. Also, purchasing a used Civic from a private individual versus a dealer allows the buyer to ask the seller questions about the history of the car. Of course, there are a number of dealers, some reputable and others questionable, that also have inexpensive used Honda Civics for sale on the Internet, but the buyer will have to use their own discretion when dealing with these commercial sellers. However, if a buyer insists on going through a dealer, then he or she should consider only dealers who specialize in Hondas, both new and/or used. Honda dealers will not only be more knowledgeable on specific issues related to used Civics, but they will also be much more likely to sell a car that is of good quality since their reputation as a Honda dealer relies on it. Honda dealers across the country can be accessed on the Internet by typing in keyword searches such as Honda dealerships.
  • Another good source to find a wide variety of inexpensive used Civics for sale is through weekly or monthly automobile publications. Although there are a large number of these publications in circulation either for free or for a few bucks, Auto Trader is perhaps the best known national publication of this type. In fact, the company distributes different versions of its publication based on different regions of the country. These publications may be slightly beneficial over web-based automobile sites in that most of the Civics listed in automobile pubs can be found in the particular region of the country in which the publication is published. Also, most of the listings in these publications are also by private individuals, giving the buyer more bargaining power when purchasing a vehicle.
  • Local newspapers, especially those located in larger metropolitan areas, can also be useful in helping a buyer secure an inexpensive used Honda Civic, though the number of choices available to the buyer is generally not as extensive as when dealing with national Internet searches or regional automobile publications. Still, good deals can be found occasionally and the local newspaper remains a viable option in which to find cheap used Civics.
  • Automobile auctions are also good potential sources in which to find a cheap used Honda Civic. Auctions are conducted in nearly every city across the country and one needs to look no further than their telephone directory or the local newspaper to find out where and when the next auction will be held. Most auctions follow a schedule and are either held one or more times a week. Although some auctions are for dealers only and are closed to the public, others allow anybody, including the general public to place a bid on an automobile. Not only are auctions good sources in which to find Honda Civics, but the cars can usually be purchased at rock bottom prices. The only potential downside to purchasing a used Civic at an auction is that a bid is not retractable; once you have placed a bid, you must purchase the car. Furthermore, cash is the only acceptable form of payment, credit is not allowed, so you must have plenty of cash on hand to make the purchase. Finally, it is a good idea to arrive at auctions in plenty of time to review the cars to be auctioned off ahead of time in order to get a good look at the quality of what is being sold. Automobiles are uniformly sold as is at auctions and the buyer doesn’t have any recourse for a car that is not of good quality.

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