How to buy a cheap used honda accord

How to buy a cheap used honda accord

So, you’re looking for a cheap used Honda Accord. The first place you’ll probably look in is your local newspaper. While you may find what you’re looking for advertised there, you should expand your search to include two other better places as well.

  1. Check Online Internet Auctions
    Online Internet auctions such as eBay, Yahoo, and others all have sections of their sites that have cars, trucks, and other vehicles up for bid. All you have to do is to key in “Honda Accord” into their search box, and the results will come up instantly on your computer screen.

A good auction will contain all of the information you need to know about the Honda vehicle. It will list the basic information that includes the year, the model, and mileage. The auction will also list a detailed, written description and pictures of the car; the VIN number, the type of transmission, the colors of the Honda, the engine size, any “bells and whistles” it has, and contact information for the owner.

You’ll also need to check the “Shipping” information to see if you have to pick the car up, if you’re the winning bidder, or, if the owner will deliver it, and the cost of that service.

eBay, for example, has a financing program as well as a Vehicle Purchase Protection program.

The only problem with using an online auction is that you can’t test drive the Honda Accord before you bid on it. So, be sure to read the description carefully and contact the owner if you have additional questions before you place a bid! As long as you’re careful, you have a good chance of finding a cheap Honda Accord that will last for a long time!

There are also car auctions that you can attend that feature repossessed cars and trucks. These vehicles come from banks, loan companies, finance companies, and they are usually operated by car liquidators.

Check your local Sunday newspaper for these advertised auctions. You can also contact local banks and other financial institutions and ask for details about any upcoming auctions they’re involved in.

Before you go to a repossessed car and truck auction, make sure that there’s going to be at least one Honda Accord there. And, make sure that you know what types of payment will be accepted, what the minimum bid requirements are, et cetera.

  1. Check Local Junk Yards and Salvage Yards
    Junk yards and salvage yards are affordable places to find good used parts for your vehicles. These places are full of wrecked vehicles that have come to the end of the road. But, did you realize that they also sell cars and trucks that are in good running condition? They are usually kept in a special section of the yard away from the wrecked vehicles.

You might think that your chances are slim of finding a Honda Accord in such a place as this. However, if you call around to several junk yards and salvage yards that are within a certain mileage radius, your chances will improve greatly!

Finally, before you go online, attend a repossession auction, or check with a junk or salvage yard,
make sure that you check out Kelly’s Blue Book Edmund’s Used Car Prices. If you don’t have a specific year and model in mind, check out several different ones. This will give you an idea of how much these types of Hondas are worth.


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