How to buy a big and tall men’s dress shirt

How to buy a big and tall men's dress shirt

Big and tall men face some unique challenges when buying clothing, particularly dress clothes, including shirts. T-shirts and other casual shirts can be difficult to fit, but the big and tall man also faces other problems when buying a dress shirt.

Men’s dress shirts usually are sized by arm length and neck size. They are mostly the same length from shoulder to hem. Therefore, a big or tall man has to take this into consideration. He will want to look for shirts that are specially made for a taller man since these shirts will have longer tails.

Most department stores have sales associates who are trained to measure men and fit them for clothing. A big or tall man needs to take advantage of this service, since many men have never bought a shirt by neck size or arm length.

Big and tall dress shirts are also sized by arm and neck size, but also are larger in girth, for big sizes, and length, for tall sizes. The armholes and shoulder easement is also different.

Big men, especially, have problems with dress shirts because their girth tends to pull their shirttails out of their waistbands when they sit or bend over. Thus, they should be very aware of shirttail length when they buy a dress shirt. The shirttail should cover the abdomen completely and ideally should be long enough to cover the rear end, as well. Big men should look for the letter T in their sizing, as well as XL or whatever size they wear. The T stands for Tall and means the shirt is longer, as well as wider.

Big men should also try on dress shirts in the store, if possible. They may need to try several sizes to get the neck, arm and length all correct for their individual body style.

Tall men (over 6 feet, 3 inches) face other challenges when buying dress shirts. They usually have longer arms, and so must pay careful attention to arm’s length and shirt length. Otherwise, they will look as though they are trying on boys’ clothing. They should try the shirt on as well, stretching the arms out completely, to mimic the way the sleeves will pull up as they drive.

Even though men’s clothing is more standardized in size than women’s, it is possible that a different manufacturer will offer other size ranges and combinations, or whose shirts may be constructed more to a wearer’s liking. Men should ask if the store carries other manufacturers if they cannot find a shirt that fits adequately.

When trying on dress shirts, a man may wish to bring along a pair of dress slacks, so he can better gauge how the shirt will look with the pants, if clothing lines are visible, etc. This may also give the sales associate a better idea of the man’s unique fitting challenges and will help compensate accordingly.

Even if a man hates shopping, he should go to the store at least once to buy dress shirts. The sales associate will need to measure him and talk to him about what he is looking for in a dress shirt, and how he wants it to fit. This can only be accomplished face-to-face.

If a man can be patient, will consent to be measured, and will try on different styles and sizes of shirts, even if he is big and/or tall, he will probably find a dress shirt that fits well and looks good on him.

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