How to build your own walk-in closet

build your own walk-in closet

A house can never have enough closets. After all, they hold clothing, shoes, and a vast array of other items that you want to store. If you need more closet space in your house, you can build your own spacious walk-in closet. Walk-in closets can be made as large as you could possibly need. And, they can be built practically anywhere in your house.

The easiest way to build a closet, of course, is to turn an existing room into a walk-in closet. Or, you can section off a part of a large room, such as a master bedroom, and build the closet there. A walk-in closet can be in the corner, along one wall, or even built in the middle of a room to double as a room divider.

To begin to build your own walk-in closet, you will first need to plan it out. You will need to decide how much hanging space and how much shelving you need. Are you going to build the organizational system of your closet your self, or are you going to use pre-manufactured wire baskets, shelves, et cetera?

If your closet is going to be built from a part of a room, what are the dimensions going to be? You will also need to meet building code requirements, and you will probably have to obtain a building permit. You will also need to plan the lighting arrangement for the best possible results. Any additional lighting will have to be installed by a licensed electrician in compliance with codes too.

The easiest place to build a walk in closet in is against three walls of a room. You can only control the length or width of one wall, but you can still make the closet as deep as you wish, according to the overall room size. You will only need to build one wall, and to do that, you will need several two by four boards. You will need to decide how big the door will be.

A standard interior door is thirty – six inches wide by eighty inches tall in order to accommodate moving furniture. The door on your walk-in closet doesn’t need to be that wide though. Your best bet is to install a smaller bi-fold door; they come in various widths.

Now, measure the width of the wall and cut one board that size; this piece will be the top. Then, use the same measurement, but allow for the size of the door. Cut a board that long, and then cut it in half; these pieces will be the bottom.

Measure the height from the floor to the ceiling, and cut four two by fours that length; these pieces – doubled up – will make the sides. Start to build your walk-in closet by nailing all of these two by fours together using ten-penny nails. Use a level as you build to make sure the wall is straight.

The next step is to measure the space inside the top and the bottom pieces of the wall. Measure and cut several two by fours, and nail these about eight inches apart to fill in the wall frame. Then, have someone help you hold the frame up and in place. Nail it into place along all four sides by using sixteen penny nails. To finish the wall, you can measure, cut, and screw on drywall on both sides. Apply drywall tape and compound, and the wall is ready for painting.

However, you should wait to do this last because the electrician will need to run wire and install a light switch on the wall.

Now that you have your walk-in closet framed in, it’s time to complete the inside. If you want to hang clothes along the walls, for example, make sure that you allow a width of two feet. You can install double rods – one above the other – and use this space for short clothes such as shirts, slacks, and skirts. Or, you can devote one wall for shelves only.

The choices and designs are completely up to you and your storage needs. You should, however, place the items that you use most at eye level. The top shelves should be reserved for the least used items, while at least part of the bottom shelves should be wide enough to accommodate blankets and other bulky items.

Shoe racks fit well along the floor, but you can purchase hanging racks instead. You can also purchase and install baskets, drawers, tie and belt holders, et cetera.

Finally, call your electrician so he or she can install the lighting in your walk in closet. You can then install the bi-fold door yourself by following the manufacturer’s instructions and by using the enclosed hardware. You will then need to finish the wall and decorate it, as well as the inside of the closet, so it matches the surrounding room.

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