How to build your own sleigh

How to build your own sleigh

Building a sleigh doesn’t have to be as difficult as it sounds. With a little imagination, the right materials, and the right tools, just about anyone can do it. What a great way to get into the holiday spirit. This is actually a really inexpensive project that will turn heads as it sits beautifully on your lawn at Christmastime.

Materials needed include:

  1. Paint (your choice of colors, get creative)
  2. 2 sheets plywood
  3. Lumber (2″x4″s, 2″x10″s, 1″x2″s)
  4. Screws for exterior

Using pictures can be a great source of ideas for your sleigh. You can use Christmas magazines or children’s books for inspiration. You might even want to draw a sketch of how you want your sleigh to look. The possibilities are great. When you are finished building your sleigh, don’t forget the accessories. Bells, holly, and other Christmas items would look wonderful on your sleigh. Be creative with your paint. Use more than one color. Neatly painted designs on the sides of the sleigh will really make it stand out. If you have children, let them in on the fun. What child wouldn’t enjoy painting a sleigh?

Following the simple instructions below, you could build a sleigh of your own in not a lot of time.

  1. Using one of your plywood sheets, draw an outline of how you want your sleigh shaped from the side. This is where the pictures and sketches will come in really handy. Make sure you draw the sleigh the actual size you want it to be. This outline will also be used to draw another outline on the other sheet of plywood.
  2. Cut out your outlines on both sheets using a saw. Make sure you follow safety instructions for using the saw.
  3. The width of the sleigh is up to you. Generally, figuring between 30″ and 35″ is a good idea. Cut 2 pieces that are the same length out of your 2″x10″ lumber. These will be the braces for the bottom of the sleigh. They will be attached to each piece of plywood using screws.
  4. Lay the braces on something flat and sturdy. Use the exterior screws to attach the braces to the plywood. Both braces should be on the bottom of the sleigh. Get someone to hold the plywood steady so the braces can be attached securely.
  5. Cut out 4 2″x4″s. These will be used to make both the front and back panel braces for the sleigh. Using screws these braces should be attached to both the front and back of the sleigh. 2 will be attached to the back and 2 will be attached to the front. They need to be attached top to bottom and be directly across from each other on each piece of plywood.
  6. Cut a piece of plywood to make your seat. The seat width needs to be the same as your braces for the bottom of the sleigh. Use 2″x4″s to make braces for the seat. You will need to cut one for each side. Attach these front to back on each piece of plywood and make sure they are directly across from each other.

Once this step is completed, all but one of your braces should be attached. You should have two attached top to bottom on each piece of plywood on both the back and front of the sleigh. You should also have two braces for the seat attached front to back on each piece of plywood. Each matching piece should be directly across from each other.

  1. Cut 2 pieces of plywood in the same size for your front and back panels. These need to be the same width as the sleigh.
  2. You can now attach your back panel to the braces using the exterior screws. Use this same process to attach your front panel.
  3. Attach the seat to the seat braces using your exterior screws.
  4. Attach a 1″x2″ brace between the runners of the sleigh.
  5. Happily paint your new sleigh.

This can be a fun project for the whole family. This would also be a wonderful outdoor Christmas decoration. Spark the whole family’s creativity by getting everyone involved. This would also be wonderful for an arts and crafts show. In eleven easy steps you can build a sleigh everyone will enjoy.

This can be a fun

Happy sleigh building!!!

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