How to build your own dvd shelves

How to build your own dvd shelves

First it was VHS videos, (Video Home System), and now DVD’s (Digital Video Disc),
are taking their place in the modern world. You can find your favorite movies, old and new, on this new digital format, plus recorded concerts and other events.

DVD’s do offer consumers a more brilliant, clearer picture to watch. And, their audio capabilities are better too. Another advantage is that they are easier to store than VHS videos.

If you have a collection, or you are starting a collection of DVD’s, then you’ll need a place to store them. The best place to store DVD’s is in a cool, dry place out of the direct sunlight. The best way to store them and keep them organized is in their own shelves. You can build your own DVD shelves in just a few hours and improve your home at the same time.

First, you’ll have to decide how large or small you want your shelves to be. A four foot long by three foot wide shelf unit should hold approximately fifty DVD’s. You can make it smaller if you’re not planning on collecting that many movies, concerts, and other recorded events.

You’ll need to use a good strong hard wood such as Oak, Cherry or Maple. Stay away from Pine because it’s a soft wood that could bend under the weight of your collection.

Now that you’ve decided on what kind of wood you’re going to use, and how big your DVD shelves are going to be, it’s time to get started on this project. Measure and cut two pieces of wood that are four feet long and three feet wide. Then, measure and cut two more pieces of wood that are three feet long and approximately three feet wide. These pieces should be about a half inch thick.

The four by three sheets of wood will be the top and the bottom of the shelf unit. While the other pieces will be the sides. Place the pieces of wood together and either use nails or wood screws to secure them together.

Now that you have the basic box, you’ll need to mount it on the wall. Use a stud finder to locate two studs on the wall. With the help of an assistant, position the box to the wall and use several long wood screws to secure it.

You’ll need to add the individual shelves. Measure one of your DVD’s while it’s in its case, of course, and mark down how wide and thick it is. Measure and cut more sheets of wood to make shelves. These shelves will need to be placed inside the box. They’ll need to be spaced far enough apart so the DVD’s fit between them.

After you have the shelves made, place them inside the box, one by one. Make sure they are spaced apart at the proper intervals. Use small chunks of wood and your assistant to hold them in place while you screw or nail them to the box. Place nails or screws in the sides and back.

Then, measure and cut several small strips of wood to be used as dividers. Place them in between the shelves, as well as side by side in each shelf to make dividers. Use a good quality wood glue to secure them into place. Glue them on the bottom, top, and side, if you can.

Finally, you can either paint or stain your new DVD shelves. Then, after the paint or stain is thoroughly dry, your shelves are ready for use!


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