How to build chest muscles at home

How to build chest muscles at home

Check with your doctor before starting an exercise program.

The chest muscle or pectoralis major is a multi part muscle with lower mid and upper sections. It is a pushing muscle. It covers the rib cage above the midsection in the main part of the body. It is one of the strongest muscles in the body.

Why train the chest muscle for size and strength?

Men and women alike can look and feel more attractive by increasing the chest measurement. Increased strength certainly makes those pushing activities easier. Bodybuilders also want to train the chest as it is a major portion of the physique.

Training the chest

Barbells, dumbbells, pulleys and the “peck deck” are frequently used to build and shape the chest. Let’s start with the more common barbell routines.

  • Flat bench press = 3 sets of 12-20 repetitions for size; 2-8 “reps” for strength with heavier weight.
  • Incline bench press = Same.
  • Decline bench press = Same.

Laying flat on a bench set up for the bench press, lower the weight to the chest and press it up again. Breathe out on the first movement, in on the second. Do your sets and reps accordingly. Moving to the Incline bench, which inclines to raise your shoulders up at an angle from your hips, perform the exercise otherwise in the same manner as before.

The decline bench puts your shoulders at a decline from your hips. Perform the exercise the same otherwise. You will note varying degrees of difficulty from one angle to another; adjust your weights accordingly.

For dumbbells, lay on a flat bench and press the lighter dumbbells, of equal weight, up over your head and together and then lower them, breathing as in the previous exercises.

At a pulley cable apparatus, do what is called pulley or cable flies. You will want to stand between the cables equally and facing out away from the machine. Bring the cables together till your hands almost touch, then let them apart gradually till you achieve a full range of movement. In this way, you both stretch and strengthen the chest muscles.

A peck deck is a machine at which you will be seated. You will place your forearms up against each of two pads in front of you. You will then push with the chest muscles forcing the pads together in the middle, then slowly let them come back to each side.

To train for strength, simply do any of these exercises using heavier weight and performing between 2 and 8 repetitions per set.

To train for strength

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