How to build and design your own Dollhouse

How to build and design your own Dollhouse

Maybe you have a daughter, a granddaughter, or a niece who would love a miniature doll house of her own. Or, maybe you’re just a kid at heart who would like to build yourself a doll house. Whatever the case may be, you can easily build your own designed house in your spare time.

The first step in this project, as it is in any project you undertake, is to lay down a plan on paper. You can either use a good old – fashioned pencil and paper, or, you can use a computer program to plan your miniature doll house out. Whichever way you choose, you should draw your plan to scale. That is, using graph paper, each square should represent a measurement. The measurement can be an eighth of an inch, a half of an inch, or whatever you choose.

Remember while you are planning that a miniature dollhouse doesn’t have a back wall. This enables the kid who is playing with it to reach inside and move dolls and the furnishings around. And, since this is a “miniature” dollhouse, it’s not going to be really big in size.

You must first figure out the floor plan of your miniature dollhouse. Then, after this base is done, you will need to plan out each and every wall, ceiling, and floor. The ceilings and floors are rather easy to plan because all they won’t have much detail. The walls, on the other hand, will need to have windows, doors, et cetera.

The second step is to use a large foam board as the base of your miniature doll house. (For added durability of the base, you can glue the foam board onto a piece of solid wood.) Then, either use additional foam board or some thick Balsa wood to begin building your project. Obviously, you’ll need to make the exterior walls first. Use the plan for the front wall, and measure and draw it out on the material you have chosen with a pencil. Then, use a hobby knife to cut out windows, doors, et cetera. Position the wall on the base, and then glue it into place. Use straight pins to make it stand up straight until the glue dries. Repeat this process with the remaining exterior walls.

The third step is to follow your plans and make the interior walls of the doll house. Again, you will need to measure and draw out doorways, arch ways, et cetera. Use a hobby knife to cut out the foam board or Balsa wood interior walls. Then, position and glue them in place just like you did the exterior walls. You can pin the ends of the walls to the exterior walls for support until the glue dries.

The fourth step in this project is to add the roof onto the miniature doll house by using either Balsa wood or foam board. Follow your plans and build it as you have already built the walls. After the roof is finished, you have completed the basic building of the structure.

The fifth step is to begin adding in the details of the interior of the house. These details will include “built – ins” such as doors, cabinets, plumbing, woodwork, et cetera. It will be easier to install these details first, and then paint them later. You can make your miniature doll house as plain or as detailed as you choose.

After this step is finished, and the glue is drying on the interior, now it’s time to finish the exterior of the house. You can paint the exterior walls, glue down green fuzzy material to resemble grass; you can add a swimming pool (built – in, if you want); you can glue down pebbles of sand to look like rocks, build a rock fence, and more!

Finally, while the landscaping and exterior features are drying, you can go back to working inside the miniature house. It’s now time to decorate it however you choose! You can paint, paper, and use magic markers, et cetera, to decorate the house in any style.

Then, just like in a real house, after it’s decorated, it’s time to move the furniture and the play family in for fun!


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