How to build an outdoor wooden swing set

Being a “do – it – yourself” around your house has its many rewards. There is almost nothing to match that feeling of pride after you have made a repair or built a project with your own two hands. If you want to get that certain feeling of accomplishment and put a big smile on your children’s faces at the same time, why not build them an outdoor wooden swing set? This swing set isn’t the small version that’s available at stores everywhere. Instead, it’s a full – size swing set that your kids won’t outgrow overnight! And, since this set is made from weather-resistant hardwood and galvanized hardware, it will last and last for years to come.

The first step in this project is to purchase some pressure – treated redwood. This type of wood should be readily available at your local home supply store, or, at a lumber yard. You will need several redwood two by fours and two by sixes in order to build your own outdoor wooden swing set.

The second step is to measure and cut four of the two by sixes; they will need to be eight feet long. Next, measure and cut another two by six exactly twelve feet long. Lay the twelve foot two by six out on the ground on its thin edge. Then, place two of the two by sixes on the ground at one end of the twelve foot piece. Lay these pieces so they are vertical to the longest piece of wood. Repeat this step with the other eight foot long two by sixes.

As you can see, the twelve foot piece of wood is going to be the top rail of the swing set. The eight four – foot long pieces are going to serve as the side rails; they will hold the swing set up. Now, for the third step in this project, you will need to measure and cut the tops of the side rails. They will need to be cut at about a forty – five degree angle that spans the total width of the top rail, so they fit snugly against it. A carpenter’s angle will be a handy tool for this step.

Next, use a power drill to make two holes – spaced evenly apart- in the angled – top of each one of the side rails. Then, place the side rails, one at a time, against the top rail, and drill through the twelve-foot long piece of redwood. Now, attach the eight-foot side rails to the top rail with galvanized washers, long bolts, and nuts.

The fourth step is to measure the distance between each set of side rails one foot up from the ground. You will then need to measure and cut two – two by fours this distance. Then, have an assistant hold the pieces of redwood as you use a drill to make a hole in each end. Make sure the holes go through the side rails too. Use galvanized washers, long bolts, and nuts to attach these supports to the side rails.

In order to make this outdoor wooden swing set safe for your children, use an electric saw to trim off the ends of the supports that are sticking out beyond the rails. The fifth step is to measure and cut two more two by fours. These will be top supports that will be attached at an angle to the top rail and one of the side rails. Make holes at each end with an electric drill, then attach the top supports by using galvanized washers, long bolts, and nuts. Then, trim off any of the wooden ends that are sticking out beyond the rails.

Finally, you will need to anchor the bottoms of the side rails down by using cement mix to make four pads. Then, attach the two by sixes to the pads with long bolts. The last step is to measure and drill holes in the top rail of your outdoor wooden swing set so you can hang swings for your children.


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