How to build a wood shed

How to build a wood shed

A wood shed is a necessity for any homeowner. Why?

Because you need space to store your gardening tools, lawn mower or lawn tractor, ladder, gasoline cans, flower pots, and the rest of the items you use outside. You will, of course, want to build a shed that is attractive as well as functional and long-lasting. You have two choices on how you are going to build your shed. You can order a ready – to- build kit or you can order plans and build your shed by following them. You can design your own plans too if you choose.

If you want to build a fairly simple rectangular wood shed, you can put one up within a day’s time. The first step, before you lift a hammer, is to choose a suitable site. This plot of land will need to be level and have good soil drainage. After you have chosen your location, you will then need to clear it of rocks, trees, et cetera.

The next step is to decide the dimensions of your wood shed and stake out its outline. You will need four wooden stakes, a hammer, a ball of string, and a measuring tape to do this. Measure out the desired length and width, then pound the stakes into the ground to mark these. Then, attach the string to the stakes, all the way around. To make sure that the outline is squared, you will need to measure the area diagonally. Measure the left top corner to the right bottom corner, and the right top corner to the left bottom corner; these measurements must be the same.

Now its time to lay the foundation for your wood shed. You will need four-six by eights cut to the proper sizes. Lay the wood inside the stakes, then remove the stakes and place the pieces together. Nail them together at the corners with sixteen penny nails. Next, you will need several two by eight to make the frame of the floor with. Measure and cut four of the two by eights and lay them out on top of the six by eights. Then, nail them together at the corners with sixteen penny nails. Attach the top frame to the bottom frame all the way around by pounding in additional nails. The remaining two by eights will be measured, cut, and used to complete the inside of the top frame. Space them about eight inches apart so the floor will be fortified. The final step in laying the foundation for your wood shed is to measure, cut, and nail sheets of half – inch plywood across the top of the frame.

Once the foundation is completed, it is time to add the wall frames. You will need several two by fours for this purpose. For the back wall, measure and cut two of the two by fours the length of the wood shed. Then, measure and cut four more for the ends; the length will be determined by the height of your shed. Nail two of the end pieces together to make a sturdy corner piece, and repeat with the other two end pieces. Then, nail all four pieces of wood together to make the wall frame. Use additional two by fours to fill in the frame; space them about eight inches apart.

You will need to basically repeat the above process in order to build the front wall. However, since you need to install a doorway in this wall, you will need to make a few changes. After you have the outer frame completed, measure and mark out where the doorway will be. Each side of the doorway frame will be made out of two – two by fours nailed together. Measure and cut a four by six piece of wood for the door header too. Finally, measure and cut two by fours to fill in the wall frame, and nail in the three pieces for the door frame.

After you build the side walls in the same fashion that you built the back wall, it will be time to stand the walls up and nail them to the foundation by using sixteen penny nails.

Finally, you will need to build the frame for the roof. Measure and cut a two by six board the length of your wood shed. Nail this piece on the top of the front wall. Now, measure and cut three two by fours for the sides and the back, and nail these pieces on too. Use additional two by fours to fill in the roof frame; space them eight inches apart. Complete the roof by cutting and laying down sheets of plywood. Cover the plywood with tar paper and shingles, and the roof is complete.

Measure the door opening, then cut enough two by fours to make up the width of the opening.

Lay the boards on a flat surface, side by side. Cut three two by fours the width of the door, and nail one across the top of the door, one across the middle, and one across the bottom. This will be the inside of the door. Install hinges and a latch on the door, then it will be ready to hang. After you put the swinging door on your wood shed, the entire shed is now ready to be painted or stained.

Lay the boards

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