How to build a storage box bench

How to build a storage box bench

A storage bench is a unique piece of furniture. Why?

Because it serves two purposes. It can be used for storage, of course, and it can be used as a bench to sit on. And, it can go in most any room in your house! You can place this piece of furniture in a bedroom, living room, den, or even in a family room.

Storage benches come in all sorts of sizes, but the basic design is usually the same. It’s usually rectangular in shape with a hinged lid on the top.

You can easily make a storage bench for your home in just a day’s time. All you’ll basically need is some hardwood, like Oak, Cherry, or Maple; a pair of hinges, and wood screws. Once you finished handmaking the storage bench, you can then either stain or paint it to your liking.

The first step in this project is to decide how long, wide, and how deep you want your storage bench to be. Keep in mind that in order for it to double as a bench, then it will need to be wide enough for a person to sit on it. Three feet long is a nice large width for a seat, and it will also offer plenty of storage space inside too.

Then, you’ll need to handmake the basic frame box. You’ll need to measure and cut two hardwood boards for the sides and two shorter boards for the ends. Dry fit the pieces together and make sure they are straight and aligned. Finally, use a screwdriver and wood screws to fasten them together at their corners.

The next step is to measure and cut a piece of wood for the lidtop; set it aside until you put the bottom on. That way, the lidtop isn’t flapping up and down on its hinges trying to pinch your fingers.

You’ll also need to measure and cut a piece of hardwood for the bottom of the storage bench. This piece should fit inside the sides and the ends of the frame box. Then, you can attach it by using additional wood screws all the way around.

Don’t get in a hurry to attach the hinges and the lid top yet! You’ll still need to handmake the rest of the bottom. Your storage bench just can’t sit with the bottom on the floor. It will need some short wood legs, a base, or some other type of attachment that will raise the bottom up off the floor.

Now that you have the legs or the base securely attached to the storage bench, you’ll need to attach the hinges to the upper side of this piece of furniture. One side, of course, gets screwed onto the lidtop, while the other end gets attached to the actual bench. Use a screwdriver and the fasteners that came with the hinges and follow the directions on the package if you’re in doubt.

The next step in this project is to add wheels or casters on the bottom, of you choose. These would make the storage bench easier to move around a room.

You can also make your bench more comfortable to sit on by adding a cushion to the lid top. But, before you add a cushion, you’ll need to either paint or stain the hardwood first.

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