How to build a simple child’s desk

How to build a simple child's desk

Being that children are small in size, they don’t usually fit well sitting in Mom or Dad’s furniture.

If you think of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, you’ll understand what I mean. Children are usually more comfortable sitting at chairs and desks that fit their reduced stature. You can easily build a simple desk for your son or daughter by using these plans, a few basic tools, and some materials. These will include wood, nails or wood screws and enamel paint.

The first step in this project is to decide how big the desk will need to be. This, of course, will depend on how tall your child is. But keep in mind that you don’t want to build it too small because they will outgrow it in no time if you do.

A nice size desk would measure about two feet tall, be three feet long, and be fifteen inches wide. Those measurements will fit a small child, but if your child is older, then you’ll need to adjust the size of the furniture to accommodate them.

The second step is to measure and cut four – two by two inch pieces of wood. The desk legs will need to be two feet long. You can use a wood lathe or an electric sander to taper each piece so it is larger at the top than at the bottom. Then, use the sander to lightly smooth the bottom of each one.

The third step is to measure and cut four additional pieces of the same type of wood. Two pieces will need to be three feet long, while the other two will need to be fifteen inches wide. Place this wood together to form a rectangular shape. Then, use either nails or wood screws and a hammer or a screwdriver to fasten the corners together securely. You now have made a frame for the simple desk.

The fourth step is to place each leg, one at a time, inside each corner of the frame. Line up the top of the desk leg so it does not extend past the wood frame. Then, secure the legs to the frame by using a hammer or a screwdriver, and nails or wood screws.

The next step is to measure the length and the width of the top of the desk. Then, measure and cut either one sheet of plywood, or, use several boards – approximately one half inch thick- to completely cover the top of the frame. Nail or screw these pieces into place, and make sure you countersink the fasteners into the wood so there are no sharp heads sticking up.

Then, use an electric sander or sandpaper to smooth down any rough edges on the simple desk.
Use an old, soft rag to wipe the sanding dust off of the wood. Or, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to thoroughly remove all dust from the piece of furniture.

Finally, choose one or more bright, enamel colors and paint the desk for your son or daughter. Be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s directions on the paint in order to achieve the best results. You’ll probably need to apply at least two coats of paint.

Then, after the paint is thoroughly dry, the simple desk is ready for use!

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