How to build a ping pong table from scratch

How to build a ping pong table from scratch

The game of Ping Pong, or “Table Tennis” as it is known as today, has been a favorite pastime for young and old alike, for many years. It’s a relatively simple game, with the equipment being a table, a ball, and a racquet for each player.

Ping-pong can be played either indoors or out, and it’s a great activity the whole family can enjoy! If you’d like to get started playing ping-pong at your house, you can purchase a regulation-size table at most sports stores. Or, you can save yourself money by building your own from scratch. It’s not as complicated as you might think.

First, in order to make your ping-pong table regulation-size, it will need to measure nine feet long and five feet wide, according to the rules of the International Table Tennis Federation. It must also stand thirty inches up from the floor. The net must be the width of the table, and it must measure six inches high. As for the tabletop, it can be constructed of any type of material, as long as a ping-pong ball bounces approximately eight and three-quarters inches when it’s dropped onto the tabletop from twelve inches above. The tabletop has straight white lines painted on it too, but we’ll talk more about that later.

In order to start this project, you’ll need to make a base for the table from scratch. Two by two lumber will do the job nicely. Measure and cut two pieces that are nine feet long, and two pieces that are five feet wide. Lay the wood out into a rectangle, and then secure the corners together with wood screws.

You’ll need two sheets of, at least, quarter-inch thick smooth plywood to make a tabletop with. The thicker the tabletop is, the better the balls will bounce on it. Measure and cut the sheets so that the seam in between the two pieces is in the exact middle of the ping-pong table. Secure the top to the frame by using good-quality wood glue and clamps. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly, then measure and cut four two by twos. Each table leg needs to be twenty-nine and three-quarters of an inch long. (With the quarter-inch-thick tabletop, the table will be the regulation height of thirty inches.) Attach the legs underneath to the base of the ping-pong table by using additional wood screws.

Now, you’ll need to coat the tabletop with a good-quality, enamel paint. Most, but not all, ping-pong table are a medium green color. After the base paint has thoroughly dried, you’ll need to use painter’s masking tape to mark off where the white lines will be painted. You’ll need to mark end lines at each end of the table, as well as sidelines on the sides. These lines need to be three quarters of an inch wide. You’ll also need to mark out centerlines. This line needs to be an eighth of an inch wide, and it should run up the exact center of the ping-pong table, from end line to end line. Your best bet is to use a small paintbrush and some white enamel paint to carefully paint the lines on the tabletop.

Finally, after the white lines have dried, you’ll need to clamp a six-inch-wide net across the middle of the ping-pong table. You can purchase a suitable net at your local sporting goods store. Now, all you need to do is to grab a plastic ping-pong ball, a racquet, and a partner, and you can start enjoying your new game table!


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