How to build a lego space shuttle

How to build a lego space shuttle

So you want to build your own Lego spaceship.

Obviously the first thing you will need is a bunch of Legos. The more variety of pieces the better, and with Legos you get a real nice variety in a fairly minimal amount of sets.

The second thing you will need is a good imagination. The real key to building anything at all from Legos is to be able to visualize what it is you are trying to create. You need to picture what you see as the final design for you work of Legos before you can really get started.

Once you have your tub of Legos ready to go and your imagination is up and running at full blast you can then begin to build your Lego work of art.

Since we wish to build a spaceship we of course need to decide what kind of spaceship we wish to create. There are traditional shops such as the Space Shuttle or the basic rockets, or we can look to those great Science Fiction movies and shows for inspiration.

For this article, I will do a simple shuttle of my own design. I am not going to worry about making it accessible to the Lego men, which is something that needs to be thought of when you are designing your ship. Some times it is fun to have room to get a crew aboard. As with everything that goes into your design, the Lego men can add some character to your piece.

First we need to figure out what to use as the base. Since I am going with a fairly basic shuttle I am going to start with a nice flat piece. I wish to stick with white and grey for my colors, but there really is no rule to what colors one can use. I have a flat piece that is four pegs by 12 pegs. I am also going to stick with as basic as possible of pieces, although with the amount of pieces that are out there one can really get creative.

Having decided to make it a shuttle, I will start by finding slanted pieces to put on the front in order to make it look aerodynamic. Lego makes a very wide variety of slanted pieces, so such pieces should be very easy to come by. I used a set of three peg by two peg reverse slants with a set of three peg by one regular slants on top, leaving a two peg wide gap. I found a blue transparent piece that fits in the gap as the cockpit glass.

For the body you can go about that several ways. You can just fill it in with regular blocks or just make it hollow by using the thinner blocks and framing it. I am making my shuttle mostly hollow with more solid blocks in front and back. I have put a simple four by four turret piece just behind and above the cockpit area and threw on a few pieces to make a sensor dish array. Lego makes many pieces that are great for such things. I added a few more flat pieces to cover up the rest of the body so that I now have the basic body of the ship.

We have the body of the craft; the next part is to make it look like a space craft. Wings and fins and such are very common Lego pieces, so this part is easy. I slipped on a set of wings to the underside lined up with the front edge and a set of tail fins on top lined up to the back. I ran across the pieces for a flexible magnetic claw and felt it would look good on the front on my shuttle. The quick addition of a few various rocket pieces to the back and sides and I have something that now looks like a spaceship.

I just put on a few small basic blocks with skis on the bottom for my landing gear, but there are many different wheels and such that will work just as well. You can also just use plane blocks if you can not find anything that looks good to you.

Now add all the little touches. If you wish to have a warship there are so many different pieces out there that work for weapons. A couple of guns added to the wing are a simple touch, or you can get creative and make yourself a super laser using the gun pieces and the various styles of colored dots that can give you the sense of energy being involved. Of course, you can coat you ship with those colored dots as well to give it head and tail lights, or just put some of the wings as signal lights.

A few small, smooth pieces on the wings help to add detail. I placed a neon green antenna near the front and a hose connecting my main engine to the shuttle. It is just so much you can do at this point with all the small pieces Lego makes. And the detail is really something that can stick out in your creations.

The real point of building with Legos is to have fun. It really does not matter what you end up with. The act of building it should be enjoyable. If you end up with something worth playing with and showing off, then you have done great.

If you end up with something that you yourself think looks stupid, then the good part of Legos is that you are not stuck with it. Just take the thing apart and start over. Just make sure you are enjoying yourself in whatever you create.

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