How to build a kids table

A table that is just their size is something a kid always seems to enjoy.

They can color, play with small toys, read a book, or eat a snack or a meal at a table. If you’re thinking about buying your kids a table of their own, you can find a small one in most department stores. You can also perform a search on the Internet and find one to order online too.

But, why not build them a table yourself? Not only would it be a little more special because their parent made it for them, but it would also be cheaper than buying one. A homemade kids’ table can be made to your specifications. And, since you’ll be building it yourself, it will be built with pride to last for generations to come.

The first step in this project is to purchase the wood you’ll need. Cherry is a long lasting hard wood, as is Oak and Maple, but there are many other types of wood that will work too.

If this wood kids’ table is going to be placed outside in the weather, then you should choose a treated type of lumber that will be weather resistant. Otherwise, if the table is going to be indoors, you can use most any type of wood that you want.

The second step is to use four one inch by two inch pieces of wood. They’ll need to be twenty inches high; measure, mark and cut them off with an electric saw, if need be. Since these pieces will be the legs of the table, you can use a sander or a lather to taper them down. Make the top of each leg larger than the bottom.

You should also use a sander to carefully smooth off the bottoms of each piece where the table legs will set on the floor.

The third step is to measure, mark, and cut two more pieces of one by two inch wood. These two pieces will need to measure forty inches long. You’ll also need two more pieces that measure thirty six inches long.

Now, place all four wood pieces together in a rectangular pattern. Secure all four corners together with either wood screws or nails. If your kids’ table is going to set outside, make sure the screws and or nails you use are galvanized. Galvanized metal is more resistant to the weather.

Why is the table so long and wide? Because, this table will not only seat your kid, but two or three other kids too. That way, your kid can have play mates over to share their homemade table with!

The fifth step is to fit a leg – one at a time- into each corner of the frame you made. Secure each leg into the corner by connecting it with wood screws or nails.

Then, cover the top of the frame with several quarter inch thick boards placed side by side. Or, you can measure, mark and cut a piece of pressed wood or plywood to cover the top with.

Secure the top down by using several more wood screws or nails.

Finally, use an electric sander or sand paper to smooth the wood down. Then, paint it with a durable, washable enamel paint.

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