How to build a fence

build a fence

Are you looking for ways to make your wooden fencing? That’s great because then you’ve landed in the right place.

You probably already realize that making a wooden fence is not that difficult at all. But why do you pay so much money for this in the hardware stores? I also wondered that once I was done with the complete fencing.

Of course, it all depends on how much time you spend building your wooden fencing and what the cost of the wood is. You can be very creative with this when you have less money to spend.

You can choose to make simpler wooden fencing to save money. You could also opt for cheap wood instead of higher quality wood in this process. If you put enough time into finding high-quality wood, you can be sure that your wooden fencing will last longer than if you were working with lower-quality wood.

Step-by-step plan to make your own fence

  1. Type of fencing and location
  2. Desired dimensions
  3. Make and place the fence yourself
  4. How will I protect the wood of this fence?

Step 1: Type of fencing and location

Before you start building your fencing, it is important to determine what type of fencing you want to build. Do you want a fence that is only intended as a separation from your garden to your neighbors or should it also keep burglars away? Does it have to be a fence that you want to keep animals behind? So to garden your pasture or it will become a fence around your horsebox.

What material should the fencing be?

Metal fencing

A metal fence is usually used for decoration and you can make the most beautiful gates out of it. A metal fence can be stainless steel, galvanized steel, or steel that is powder-coated after making. Usually, ornamental fences are forged from ordinary steel and then galvanized to prevent rusting. Most do-it-yourselfers are not likely to make their own forged fencing. You do need quite a few tools for this that not every handyman has.

If you do have the tools such as a:

  1. welding machine
  2. Burner (cutting torch)
  3. Anvil
  4. Big hammer and some small forging hammers
  5. Profile roller
  6. Hacksaw

You can buy the parts such as the points of this steel gate at a forge or just search on the internet. You can buy an ornamental fence. The disadvantage of buying is that you have no influence on the quality of the fence. So if you want to buy ornamental fencing, it is advisable to find a forge in your area and discuss your wishes.

With self-made fencing, you have the quality in your own hands. If you are a bit handy with metal then it is highly recommended.

If you choose to make a galvanized fence, make sure that you drill holes in the ducts so that the warm air can escape from the ducts. During galvanization, a lot of heat enters your material. If you wouldn’t drill holes in your tubes, they would burst open.

Plastic fencing

Making your own plastic fence is something that is hardly ever done by handymen. If you still want to make your own plastic fencing, keep in mind the expansion of the plastic. Because that is always really disappointing. That’s exactly what most handymen have trouble with.

Fencing mesh

A fence made of posts and wire mesh is the cheapest solution for around a sheep pasture. You put a sturdy round post every 2 meters. You put these posts about 1 meter into the ground so that they stand firmly. Drill the holes for the posts with a round drill.

The sheep wire can buy through the hardware store in your area. You secure the sheep wire with staples. Keep in mind that the mesh is sufficiently tight. Often a wire is still tensioned at the bottom, top, and middle.

This wire is tightened with a wire tensioner to keep the mesh taut. This is especially important for keeping sheep and goats. Sheep and goats always try to eat the grass on the other side of the fence.

Making these types of fences is not very difficult.

Wooden fencing

Wooden fencing is often placed around ornamental gardens. A wooden fence consists of posts and the wooden fence itself. This is ideal for many handymen to get started. In our construction drawing package, we have several options for wooden fences. You can read how to make a wooden gate in the article How to make a wooden gate.

You often have wooden fencing around a horse trough, but this is usually made fairly simple. Every 3 meters a square post and against those posts you screw 3 planks. One low, one high, and one in the middle.

Step 2: Desired Dimensions

Determine the desired dimensions by determining the desired length. Measure the part where you want to put the fence. You can of course also determine the desired height yourself. The maximum height around a garden is usually 1800 to 2000 mm. The height around a sheep pasture is between 1200 and 1400 mm. When you know the desired length, take the desired post dimensions into account.

Step 3: Make and place the fence yourself

In this step, I want to talk about making your own wooden fencing. Now that you know the type of fence you want to make, you can start making the fence based on one of our construction drawings. Lay the horizontal planks on a flat floor.

Then measure the size diagonally with a tape measure. These diagonal measurements must be equal to each other then you know for sure that the hole is square. Screw the vertical planks onto the horizontal planks at the desired distances. If desired, place the braces in the fence. This is especially necessary for gates in your fence.

To place the fence, drill the holes for the square posts at the desired distance. You determine the desired distance on the basis of the fence you have made. Place the posts in the drilled holes. Level them well and fill the holes with soil.

Tamp the ground firmly. You can also choose to drill the holes a little bigger. Then you place the post and quickly pour concrete around it. This means that the pole is firmly fixed within a few minutes. This is best done with two people. This option is often chosen when a fence becomes high.

Step 4: How will I protect the wood of this fence?

Protecting your wooden fence is very easy. By painting your fencing every year and applying a protective layer to it, you can ensure that your wooden fencing will last for many years to come.

You can find the products you need for this at the local hardware store or do-it-yourself. You do not have to buy the most expensive version of this, but do inquire carefully which product is best for your wooden fencing.

This way you can be sure that you have made wooden fencing in the cheapest and most efficient way possible that you can enjoy for decades to come! A very good choice for protecting your wood is, for example, the garden stain. You also have quite a few types and colors. You can find something for every desired situation.

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