How to build a corner desk

How to build a corner desk

A corner computer desk can be a perfect fit in a room where space is limited. Whether you have a large home office area, or you use your bedroom for your computer set up, your machine can fit neatly in just a corner of the room.

You can build a corner computer desk yourself in less than a day’s time too. And, if you do it yourself, you can choose how large or small your desk is going to be, according to the available space you have. A nice size for a small desk would be about thirty-six by thirty-six inches. Or, you may require a bit more space for your computer, and want your desk to be forty-five inches by forty-five inches. Just make sure that the desk will fit in the corner of the room you’re going to put it in.

Whatever its size, a basic computer desk can be built from almost any type of wood including Oak, Cherry, Maple, or Pine. Pine is the softest wood and therefore is the easiest to work with. You’ll need two large pieces of wood to start this project with; these will make up the base. If your corner computer desk is going to be thirty-six by thirty-six inches, for example, then these pieces need to be that wide. The height is going to depend on your personal body size. These pieces will be secured together at one end with wood screws.

The next step is to measure and cut another piece of wood to make the top of the desk. The top will, of course, be secured to the base pieces using additional wood screws. Then, you’ll need to measure and cut two more pieces of whatever type of wood you’re using to make inner side pieces. These pieces will fit underneath the top. When you’re sitting at your desk, there will be a side piece beside each of your legs. This wood will not only help to support this piece of furniture, but it will also partly create storage space for your computer and other equipment. All you’ll need to do is to measure and cut two more pieces of wood to make the opposite sides of the two storage areas. That, and, of course, you’ll need to create bottoms for each side. One side can be used to store your computer, while the other side can be used to store supplies.

After you have completed the basic assembly of your corner computer desk, you’ll also need to install a sliding keyboard holder, so your keyboard and mouse can be pushed in and out of the way when it’s not in use. This type of holder is readily available at most office supply stores. Follow the manufacturer’s directions in order to install it properly.

You can then customize your computer desk in any way that fits your lifestyle the best. That is, you can build a wood shelf that sits on top of your desk to hold compact discs, as well as other media. Or, you may choose to build a wide shelf underneath your desk to store your printer on. You can also build doors for the front of the two storage spaces too. Attach the doors to the desk with wood screws and pairs of hinges, and your computer will be out of sight. The design possibilities are practically endless!

Finally, to completely finish your corner computer desk, you can either stain the wood or paint it. Or, you may choose to leave the wood its original color and simply apply a couple coats of a clear sealer on it.


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