How to build a billiard table

How to build a billiard table

Did you know that if you like to play billiards, then you’re keeping company with some of the most notable people in the world?

There is a billiard table in the White House, and men like Presidents Kennedy, Clinton, and Reagan, respectively, all have enjoyed playing the game.

If you don’t have a billiards table in your own “white house, you can get out your tools and build your own. All it takes is some materials, time, patience, and a plan. Billiard tables come in different lengths, so even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can easily build a table to fit in the space that you have available.

Basically, the first step in this project is to build the base of the billiards table. You’ll need two pieces of wide hardwood that measure eight-foot long for the length. And, you’ll need two pieces that are four feet, two inches wide. Place the wood together into a rectangular shape, and secure the corners with wood screws. Then, measure and cut additional hardwood to make four supports that will go across the width of the billiards table. Fasten the supports in place with additional wood screws.

The next step is to add supports to the base. After all, once it is done, the base will be holding a lot of weight on it. Measure and cut several small blocks of wood that will fit in the corners of the base. Then, use a good quality wood glue and glue and clamp them into place until the glue dries thoroughly.

The third step is to add the wood legs to the billiards table. You can either purchase legs that are ready to install or, you can make your own if you know how to use a wood lathe. The legs will have to be bolted onto the frame at each corner after you use an electric drill to bore two or three holes in each corner. Insert a long bolt and washer through each leg and the base. Then, screw on a nut and tighten it.

The fourth step is to measure and cut two thick pieces of plywood, or pressed wood, that will cover the top of the base of the billiards table. Screw the wood onto the base by using wood screws. Now, you’ll need a piece of a product that is called, Slaton. The station takes the place of a slate surface on a billiard table. It’s almost as sturdy, but it’s made of wood, so it’s lighter, and it’s less expensive to purchase too. Position the Slatron over the plywood or pressed wood, and screw it onto the base from underneath.

Now, it’s time for you to use a saw and a router to cut out the six pockets of the billiards table. Mark each pocket- one at each corner- with a pencil first before you begin. Each pocket needs to be large enough so a billiards ball can pass through it easily.

You’ll also need to purchase or make six small nets. These nets will fit under the pockets to catch the balls.

The seventh step is to cover the Slatron top with thick green felt. You can find felt for this project by performing a search on the Internet. Measure and cut the amount of felt needed, and remember that the material will need to be stretched taut, but not too tight. The felt will be stretched out and glued onto the Slatron by using a suitable adhesive. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to achieve the best results.

The eighth step in this project is to make and install the railings. Each railing will measure about two inches wide. You’ll need four pieces to completely circle the billiards table. Use additional wood screws to secure the railings to the top of the table.

The final step is to stain the wood base whatever color you choose. You should lightly sand the wood all over first before you begin applying the stain. Then, once the stain has thoroughly dried, you should apply two coats of a clear wood protector over the finish.

Now, all you need are a set of billiard balls, some pool cues, cue chalk, and a ball rack, and you’re ready to enjoy plenty of time playing one of America’s most favorite pastimes!


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