How to build a bar table out of wood

How to build a bar table out of wood

An outdoor bar table can be an excellent addition to your deck or patio! You can mix and serve drinks and entertain guests while you’re outside under the stars enjoying the balmy nights.

If you’re a do it yourself, you can save yourself a load of money by making your own outdoor bar table. And, you’ll have a feeling of pride and accomplishment as you show it off to your guests.

The first step in this project is to decide how long and wide you want your bar table to be. A nice size unit would measure about three feet long, be sixteen inches deep, and also be thirty-six inches high. But, you can make yours as small or as large as you choose.

The next step is to measure and cut some two by two pieces of wood. These will be used to make the frame of your outdoor bar table. You’ll need four pieces that measure three feet long. You’ll also need four pieces that measure sixteen inches long. Now, take two of the long two by twos and lay them parallel to each other. Place a shorter piece at each end, and secure all of the wood together at the corners by using galvanized wood screws. (Galvanized screws hold up better in the weather because they don’t rust.) Repeat this process in order to make a frame for the top.

Now that you have the frame made, the third step is to measure and cut four more pieces of the two by twos. They’ll need to be thirty-six inches long. Set the pieces inside the frame and secure them to the corners by using additional wood screws. Now, position the top frame to the thirty-six inch long pieces of wood. Secure the top frame to the pieces with galvanized wood screws.

The fourth step is to add in shelves to your outdoor bar table. One or two of the shelves should be at least twelve inches tall, tall enough to hold bottles of alcohol drinks. You should also have at least one shorter shelf for glasses and other odds and ends.

Before you start adding the upper shelves, though, you’ll need to measure the width and length of the frame, starting at the top edge of the bottom base. Then, measure one or more pieces of lumber to fill in that space. Nail or screw the lumber into place across the base. This will be the bottom shelf.

Now, measure twelve to sixteen inches up from the bottom shelf. Mark all four sides of the frame on the inside. Then, measure and cut another piece of lumber to fit inside the frame. Nail or use wood screws to secure the shelf into place. Repeat this process to make an additional shelf.

The fifth step in this project is to cover the frame of your outdoor bar table. You can use most any type of hardwood, such as Cherry, Maple, or Oak. Measure and cut the number of pieces you need to cover the frame vertically.

After the frame is covered, you’ll need to measure and cut three more two by twos to make a rail around the top of your outdoor bar table. Position and secure these rail pieces into place by using galvanized wood screws. You can then leave the top of the bar plain wood, or, you can add ceramic tile, counter top material, et cetera. If you choose, you can also add four wheels, one on each bottom corner of the base, so your new outdoor bar table will be easy to roll around.

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