How to Bowl a Strike

How to Bowl a Strike

The dream of every serious bowler is to bowl the perfect game. A perfect game has a score of three hundred. While it is not impossible, bowling a perfect game still eludes alot of people. You can learn how to bowl a perfect game by following these instructions.

Your total bowling score will depend on a number of factors. These factors will include your equipment, including your bowling ball, your stance, your approach, your release, your delivery, and your level of concentration. You will need to develop and maintain the proper level of excellence in all of these factors.

If you do not already own a bowling ball, you must pick out one at the bowling alley. Make sure that your fingers are comfortable when inserted into the three holes of the ball. Some bowling balls have five holes for added grip and throw, but most have three holes. Also, make sure the ball that you choose is not too heavy for you to hold with one hand. Now, walk onto the alley holding the bowling ball and decide where you will position yourself.

The alley is sixty feet long, from the beginning to the pins at the end. Consider this when determining how hard you will throw the bowling ball. You will see seven dots on the floor which are positioned right before the foul line. These dots are designed to help you aim the bowling ball at the pins. Depending on your specific bowling style, and which way your ball tends to go, is how you will aim and roll your ball. This means, if you are a straight shooter, so to speak, and you roll your ball in a straight line, then you will want to aim your bowling ball for the center dot.

If, however, you are a left-handed bowler, and you tend to throw your ball with a curve to the left or to the right, then you will need to aim at either the dot to the left or maybe aim at two dots to the left, depending on the width of your curveball. By doing this, your ball should curve around and end up hitting the lead pin. Hitting the lead pin is the most effective way to get a strike, or knock all ten pins down at once.

Next, your approach is the steps you take right before you release the bowling ball. You will need to adjust your approach so it is comfortable as well as effective for you. That is, how many steps you take, no matter how fast you take them, etc. The same goes for your stance and your delivery–it is all a matter of personal preference as well as what works for you in order to bowl your best.

Naturally, the name of the game, so to speak, is to knock down all of the ten pins with one roll of the ball in every frame. By doing this, you will roll a perfect game of three hundred. After you have rolled a few balls down the alley, you can make any necessary adjustments in the way you are playing. Pay special attention to your wrist when you release the ball.

Are you keeping it straight or are you inadvertently turning it to the left or to the right? If keeping it straight is a problem, you can wear a wrist band. These are specially designed for bowlers so that they cannot turn their wrists and throw the ball off from its designated path.

Check your delivery. Is it smooth and not jumpy or jerky? Are you following through with your arm after you release the bowling ball? That is, is your arm coming up straight and smooth? Are you coming through with your arm completely so that it ends up about at your head when you have completed your delivery? Are you hitting the pins where you are aiming for? You will need to practice, experiment, and adjust these factors until you are striking every time.

Finally, you must concentrate on each roll you make completely. Shut out all of the other noises, sounds, and activities that are going on around you. Remember that concentration is a valuable key to winning! Professional athletes call perfect concentration and a positive, winning attitude as being in the zone. You will want to perfect your concentration so that you too can be in the zone and bowl the perfect game!

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