How to become an auctioneer

How to become an auctioneer

You’ve certainly heard them whether you’ve attended an auction or not. You’ve undoubtedly heard one on the radio or witnessed one in action on TV. Auctioneers are indeed a rare breed. And how on earth do they learn to talk so fast?

They go to auctioneer’s school. There really is such a thing. As a matter of fact, not everyone who goes actually makes the grade. Imagine being a flunkie from auctioneer’s school. It happens. However, the upside is that those who graduate successfully are in for a lucrative career that is destined to last a lifetime. Auctions are hardly a thing of the past and look to continue for a very long time.

Auctioneers generally make a hefty percentage of the total profit yielded from an auction. And some of those auctions include art, antiques, and entire estates. Use your imagination to reach a tidy sum of cash!

At The Walton School of Auctioneering, located in Medina, Ohio, and accredited in the states of Tennessee, Alabama, Virginia, West Virginia, South Carolina, and Florida,

The formal curriculum is as follows:

  1. Bid calling and voice control—25 hours
  2. History of Auctions—3 hours
  3. Federal and state laws regulating the profession—8 hours
  4. Getting started as an auctioneer—5 hours
  5. Consignment auctions and auction galleries, bookkeeping—5 hours
  6. Auctions of antiques and furniture—2 hours
  7. Marketing, advertising, promoting, and public relations—6 hours
  8. Farm equipment and livestock auctions—5 hours
  9. Real estate auctions—6 hours
  10. Auto auctions, dealer and public—3 hours
  11. Industrial plant and large equipment auctions—2 hours
  12. Exams and reviews—7.5 hours
  13. Estate and bankruptcy auctions—5 hours
  14. Federal firearms auction laws—5 hours

Add up the hours, and you’ll soon discover that attending an auctioneer’s school is a jam-packed curriculum of work!

According to the Wall Street Journal, “Auctioneering is one of the top ten highest paying professions in the United States.” Last year in our country alone, over 30 million people attended auctions, and they are the fastest-growing facet of the real estate industry.

Many people take their vacation time from their employers to attend auctioneer’s school. The Walton School’s programs last approximately 12 days. The average price of attending auctioneer’s school in the United States is $700.00. Once completing the courses, the newly crowned auctioneers must meet their own state, province, or country requirements before serving at auctions. There are widely varied requirements regarding education, apprenticeships, and examinations.

The most popular question asked of administrators of these schools is, “Is it really possible to learn to talk fast enough and actually sound like an auctioneer?” The Walton School says, “Yes.” Their motto is “Practice Only Makes Permanent, Perfect Practice Makes Perfect!”

So peruse your Yellow Pages or surf the Net, but find a good auctioneer’s school is you’re looking for a profitable profession. You may in fact become an auctioneer who speaks as rapidly as television’s beloved Elmer Fudd!

Bang the gavel on that podium, and exclaim, “Going once…going twice…sold to the lady in the fur coat!”

Bang the gavel

And that’s all, folks!

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