How to Become a Telecommunications Consultant

How to Become a Telecommunications Consultant

What is a telecommunications consultant?

A telecommunications consultant is someone who provides advice and support for numerous telecommunications services and technologies. A telecommunications consultant helps a company determine what their telecommunications needs are and how they can find the most effective prices while increasing productivity.

Telecommunications consultants deal with telephones, fax machines, voice mail systems, computer networks, information technology, internet, and long-distance providers and become a liaison for companies in their search for the best telecommunications devices and services.

They also conduct research and analysis and may work with companies ranging in size from small home operations to large international call-centers. They also offer support in the areas of billing, auditing, contract negotiations, project management, and information security.

Skills needed by a telecommunications consultant

A telecommunications consultant is someone who is active and knowledge about the latest communication technology and developments. A telecommunications consultant also needs to have good people skills and communication skills in their role as a liaison between companies and communications providers. They also require analytical and organizational skills. A background in sales may also be helpful to a telecommunications consultant. Those individuals with a background in business and finance may experience an upper hand in this field.

How to start your own business as a telecommunications consultant

If you are someone who has the skills and experience required by a telecommunications consultant, you may be interested in becoming an independent contractor with local businesses in your area. Your first step will be to research the need for such services in your area.

A good place to start is joining the Society of Telecommunications Consultants. The STC requires documented experience and knowledge in the field as a requirement of membership. The organization provides consultants with continuing education, networking possibilities, and credibility. STC holds two conferences each year and provides numerous educational seminars and workshops throughout the year in major cities around the United States. STC is a not-for-profit organization that gives its members professional guidelines, an information-packed newsletter, and an opportunity to participate in group health insurance plans. Membership also entitles consultants to discounts on industry publications and journals as well as providing a consultant finder service.

Telecommunications Consulting is a relatively new field, but shows signs of rapid growth as more and more companies face the growing need of expertise in this area. If you are considering striking out on your own as a consultant, there are a number of resources available to help you make this transition to self-employment. There will be tax considerations and expenses associated opening a business, as well as marketing skills required to promote your new career.

The world of consulting and information technology is an ever-growing area in our technology-based culture. Being knowledgeable about these products will make your services indispensable.

There are also corporate positions available to experts in the telecommunications field if independent contracting isn’t for you. These jobs offer a more structured and secure work environment. You might also find that joining a telecommunication consulting firm is a good place to start in order to gain the experience and expertise you’ll need in starting your own business.

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