How to become a model

We’ve all heard the stories about an ordinary woman having lunch when suddenly an agent discovers her and she the next supermodel of the world. It has happened to others, it can happen to you, but if you want better odds, consider going to modeling school. There are many less than reputable modeling schools that only want your money, so they’ll string you along, promising you that you’ve got what it takes, but all the while, bleeding your bank account. Find out all you can about the reputation of the prospective school before signing on. You might also want to look into finding a legitimate agent who will possibly sign you on right away.

There’s more to modeling than just a pretty face, you also have to have style, fashion sense, a personality that doesn’t turn people off, and of course, a portfolio. The portfolio should be professionally done, showing pictures of you in various surroundings, assorted outfits and hairstyles, and should show a variety of emotions. There should be full-body shots, close-up shots, shots from in front, shots from behind – and all of that’s going to cost a good little bit of cash. Be prepared to also spend a wad of dough on clothes, accessories, shoes, cosmetics, hair products and possibly dental work.

If a reputable agent signs you up, he or she will help you to find your first job, or you can go on open calls where try-outs are available to the public. Have an idea in mind before you go there as to what you will need to put on your resume. Don’t forget, these are jobs, and you will be required to fill out a lot of information about yourself, previous work, if any, your age, schooling status, and much more.

Have a healthy attitude about seeking modeling jobs. Know going in that you might not get the job and don’t come near a breakdown each and every time you’re rejected for a job. There will probably be lots of rejections, some jobs, then more rejections. Take it all in stride and have fun. Worrying about not getting a job will give you wrinkles that you don’t want.

You don’t have to be a raving beauty to become a model. Models can be just average-looking girls or women with nice complexions or beautiful hair. And there’s always work for hand and foot models, large fashions, hair models, and other options.

Enter and attend beauty or modeling pageants to get recognized. Set up a website to promote your image and your name. Learn a little about model release forms so you don’t get caught in a bad contract.

Don’t expect to get the best jobs right off the bat. There are many beautiful and talented people trying for the same gig. If you have to settle for lesser jobs while you’re getting started, do so, but watch out for shady deals where you’re offered work in exchange for posing naked or providing unmentionable services.

These types of jobs might pay you immediately but will most likely ruin your career in the long run. Believe and trust in yourself, never give up, and you’ll reach your goal if it’s meant to be.


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