How to become a mobile notary

How to become a mobile notary

To become a Notary Public for your state, you must seek out your states Notary Board and request a current copy of their Notary Handbook. To do this, you can bring up your states home page and look under Notary Public.

Once you receive the notary handbook, you will be given a letter or postcard offering the current test dates. Pick a date, get your fingerprints done, write a check, and mail it all back to the address listed. Once that is done, you will need to read the notary handbook, memorize it, and be prepared to take the standardized test.

Once you pass the test, you will be given a commission certificate and further instructions on where and how to order your notary supplies. When ordering your notary supplies, you will be asked to order a notary seal. The seal is a stamp that is placed on every form that you notarize. Each stamp is unique as it is individualized with the notary’s name and commission number as well as the date of expiration. Most states have a four-year commission, at which time you will need to retest and order a new seal.

While you are waiting for your supplies to arrive, its a good time to start going over your current mortgage papers. If you don’t own a home, you may want to borrow someone else because the best money is made as a Signing Agent.

A Signing Agent is a notary who notarizes real estate documents. A signing company will contact the notary to set up an appointment with a current borrower. The mortgage documents will arrive at the notary’s home, where the notary will make sure that there are two sets of documents.

Then, the notary will take the documents to the borrowers home, briefly go over the documents with the borrower, witness the signing of the documents, notarize where needed, have the borrowers sign a notary journal, and then leave a copy for the borrowers while taking mailing a signed copy back to the lender. An average signing lasts about two hours: a half hour to drive to and from the borrowers home and one hour at the home filling out the paperwork. Signing Agents get paid $50 per job, which amounts to $15 an hour, after expenses.

Once you feel confident to take on the tasks at hand, you will need to contact several signing companies. Since they work on a contract basis, you will need to sign up with several companies to get a steady flow of income.

So how do you find these companies?

The best way is to hit the search engines and type in the following words: signing companies, mortgage, notary public, notaries public, notary. Once you contact these companies, they will send you an independent contractor’s agreement to sign. Once you sign the agreement, you are ready for business.

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