How to Become A Fly Fishing Guide

How to Become A Fly Fishing Guide

Do you enjoy fly-fishing? Have friends told you that you are the best fly fisherman they have ever met? Do you know all the best spots in which to catch fish? If so, you might want to take your skills and turn them into a moneymaking opportunity by becoming a fly fishing guide.

Fly fishing guides are experts in their field. They know the best locations, have tried out the best equipment and have developed techniques that catch the biggest and the best fish.

Step 1:

Purchase the necessary equipment that all fly-fishing guides need. You will need to secure the use of watercraft so that you can reach fishing areas that are not accessible by land. You might already own a boat, but, if not, you can easily rent one for a day’s excursion.

You will also need to have the proper equipment for fly-fishing. This will include fishing poles, fishing line, wading boots, fly hooks, and all the other items that you AND your student will need for a day of fishing. You might want to purchase extra items. If your student feels comfortable using the brands and types of equipment that you use during your teaching session, they might buy the items from you at the end of the day. If you add a percentage to your purchase price, you could make a few dollars on retail sales. Don’t forget to charge tax for retail purchases because you will have to account for these sales at the end of the year on your taxes.

Step 2:

Decide what services you will offer. If you are comfortable fishing a particular body of water, you should stick to that area. Decide whether or not you will pick your pupil up at home or meet them somewhere for their outdoor excursion.

Step 3:

Make a brochure or flyer to distribute to interested parties. Your brochure or flyer should detail the services that you will offer. It should also directly list prices for those services. It should also list information about your skills as a guide. List any awards that you have won or fishing competitions in which you have excelled. Place your fliers in appropriate locations. Bait and tackles shops are a good choice. You can also use the info in your fliers to advertise in your local paper.

Some things to consider:

Will you be responsible if your pupil is injured on their excursion? Will you have them sign a waiver absolving you of responsibility?

How many people can you teach at one time? Can you offer services to groups of people? If so, will you offer a discounted rate for more than one student?

If you love fly fishing and can turn the passion into a moneymaking opportunity, you might be one of the few people in the world who actually enjoys going to work each day. There are books available to teach you the business side of things. They will enable you to start teaching others the fun side of things.

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