How to become a fashion model

How to become a fashion model

Deciding to become a fashion model is the same as deciding to be a writer or a singer. Either you have the talent or you do not. But, talent is not the only attribute you will need to go after your dream career. Besides, talent, you will need plenty of luck, and more!

First, you must figure out if you have the standards of the industry. If you are a woman, are you at least sixty-eight inches tall? (Men should be at least seventy-one inches tall.) Is your hair healthy and shiny, and kept in one of the latest styles?

Are your teeth straight and white?

Is your body toned and attractive? The next step is to measure and write down your height, weight, chest size, waist size, hip size, dress size, shoe size, hair color, and eye color. You will need to have an attractive figure in order to be a model.

Now that you have the physical attributes out of the way, it is time to take a look at your personality as well as your personal care habits. Are you outgoing? Are you a self-starter? Are you a goal setter? Are you energetic? Modeling usually requires a grueling schedule. You can expect to be on your feet for several hours at a time until the shoot is done.

Do you eat right and exercise regularly?

Eating right, exercising, and getting enough sleep is imperative to having and keeping a healthy body. Can you handle rejection? Modeling is like writing or singing in that you can expect to get your share of rejections. Every model cannot be right for every photo, so start yourself off right by expecting to hear the word “No” many times.

The next step is to either hire a professional photgrapher or, save lots of money and ask a talented friend to take several shots of you in a bathing suit, shorts and a top, or other suitable apparel. The finished pictures should be at least eight by ten. Pick out the best half dozen or so shots and place them in a portfolio.

If you want to send more than one portfolio around, then you will need extra sets. Now, check the telephone book for modeling agencies. If there are none listed in the town where you live, then check in the bigger cities around you. Write down a list of the ones that look appealing to you. Next, you will have to call each one and find out if they are looking for models right now.

Tell them that you have a portfolio and that you would like to set-up an interview. If they are not receptive to you, you might want to go ahead and send or drop off a portfolio of you and then check back in a week or so to see what they think. Remember–a picture speaks a thousand words, especially in modeling.

Keep showing your portfolio and talking to as many people as you can that are in the business. During this time, keep a lookout for modeling contests that you can enter. Be persistent and don’t give up!

Keep showing

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