How to Become a Childcare Worker

Childcare Worker

Child care careers can be very rewarding. There are all kinds of different child care jobs, whether a person wants to be a babysitter, day care teacher, elementary school teacher, or child counselor.

Experience is a very key element when trying to get your foot in the door with a child care career. Depending on where you are in your walk of life, you can start getting experience at pretty much any time. You just have to make a little effort.

Even if you are in high school, you can get plenty of child care jobs and exposure. Sign up for any child psychology or child development courses that your high school offers. Some high schools even offer internships in child care careers that can give you a lot of good experience, too. Volunteering can also really help. Volunteer for a daycare center. A lot of times churches will have a Sunday school program where you can volunteer to be either a teacher or an aide. Take advantage of such opportunities.

Babysit your brothers and sisters, cousins, and neighbors. Babysit any kids that you can. This will give you a lot of experience and also give you many references when it comes time to look for jobs (parents and family members don’t usually qualify as references, though!). You can’t get a job in the child care area without references. People are trusting you with their child’s life, seriously!

If you are not in high school, you can still take advantage of a lot of the opportunities that the high schooler can. Volunteering and babysitting are two great ways to get started in child care, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with children.

Read a lot of books on child development. Be a live-in nanny. Take any free classes, conferences, seminars that you can that have to do with child care. Knowing CPR and first aid also can really help you get a child care job.

Take college courses. Even if you just take a few at a community college, that can really help you get a daycare job and/or babysitting job. Parents will feel more comfortable knowing that their caregivers are educated when it comes to child development and child psychology issues.

bodyOffer2()If you do not have a lot of experience or education in child care dynamics, you are going to have to start at the lower level jobs and work your way up- but you will work your way up! Experience a lot of times also can make up for education in child care careers.

If you are going to be a child counselor or elementary education teacher, you are going to need to go to college and get a bachelors degree and a masters degree, which could take five or six years, maybe more, maybe less. With all of the things mentioned above on your resume, you could have a good chance at getting into the college of your choice and achieving your dreams!

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