How to beat hot weather

How to beat hot weather

The hot temperatures outside don’t have to be an issue. Your air conditioner is broken, and you don’t even own a fan. Uhh! what are you going to do? Well, if I had a dollar for every time I said that I would be a millionaire. The cost of an air conditioner might be too much, so you might not even own one. Many people have there own ways of beating the tremendous heat outside. I have found many to be effective.

One, don’t just sit there fanning yourself hoping that the temperatures die down, that maybe if it rains it will cool down. Don’t sit there praying for what might come. Your kids will thank you for it. And even if you don’t have kids you’ll thank yourself for it. Sweating is a natural coolant, your body gets too hot, and therefore you sweat. Usually, you will find that there is a light breeze and combined with the sweat, your body cools down. Well, imagine this: you’re standing outside with your kids, and your kids start spraying you with the hose. Just imagine how much cooler you are then.

Two, don’t think about the heat, think about how much fun you could be having playing outside with your kids. Your kids are probably hot, too. So instead of it being about you, think about your kids. Get some ice, don’t play target practice, just start sticking the ice down each other’s shirts. You’d be surprised at how fast your body could cool down.

Three, don’t push yourself too hard. Relax in the shade and read a book or play a game. Just do something with your time, instead of wasting it complaining about how hot it is. Buy your kids some ice cream or give them a popsicle. That always works, they don’t complain because kids love anything sweet, and you have one less thing to complain about. You don’t have to complain that your kids are complaining. And every adult I’ve met loves it when kids just don’t complain.

Four, think about how much hotter it could be, pour a bucket of water over your head, and remember: It isn’t the end of the world.

Don’t waste your time complaining about how hot it is. Before you know, winter will come and you’ll be wishing it was hot.

Don’t waste your time

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