How to be the perfect host for house guests

host for house guests

Have you ever been invited to somebody’s house for the weekend or for a night and left feeling like you were totally pampered? Ever look forward to spending time at somebody else’s home as opposed to a hotel or bed and breakfast? That’s because you had a wonderful host, who knew how to treat house guests. Want can you do to be the perfect host when you have visitors?

  • Unless your guest is the Tasmanian Devil, then you won’t have to worry about him ransacking your house, but should he spill something on your carpet or accidentally break the vase in the hallway, never make your guest feel guilty for doing so. Decorations are just enhancements and anything can be fixed or cleaned, so don’t harp on a mistake your guest may have made. If you have treasured and valuable items like a vase your grandmother gave you, then make sure you put these items away in a safe place before guests arrive so there is no chance they can be broken or damaged.
  1. Before your guests arrive, make sure to thoroughly clean the room they will be staying in, as well as the bathroom they will be using. This involves washing the sheets and pillowcases for their bed and scrubbing the toilet, sink, and tub. You want your guest to feel comfortable while they are there.
  2. Always have backup toiletries for your guests, should they forget something at home. For instance, you will always want to have shampoo, soap, toothpaste, Kleenex, extra toilet paper, lotion, and Q-tips available to them in the guest bathroom, as well as fresh towels. When they arrive, ask them if they will need any additional items they may have forgotten so they are not embarrassed asking you for them later.
  3. When somebody is visiting you, this usually means they have gone out of their way to come over, sometimes coming from out of the city or out of the state to see you. Other than their transportation costs, they shouldn’t have to pay for anything out of pocket, including entertainment and meals. Of course, if they suggest going out to the fanciest restaurant in the city, then, by all means, allow them to chip in, especially if this will be a bigger dent in your wallet than you intended. Providing entertainment and food for your guests does not have to be a huge expense. Plan easy meals you can make for your guests if you don’t want to spend a lot of money going out to eat.
  4. Have an itinerary planned out when your guests arrive? Of course, this does not mean that it should be etched in stone. Just have an idea of some fun things you can do with your guests. Look at the newspaper for ideas on fun events that may be going on around town or come up with some ideas of places you can visit to show your guests around. It’s never any fun to have that don’t know. What do YOU want to do conversation?
  5. While you will want to have some events scheduled, make time for your guests to enjoy their privacy. Having guests doesn’t mean you have to entertain them 24 hours a day. They may want some time to just relax and rest.

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