How To Be Prettier In One Month

Modern men want to see a well-groomed and blooming girl next to them, which the latter spend a lot of time and effort on. But what about those ladies who need to urgently look Prettier and put themselves in order, for a maximum of one month?

How To Be Prettier In One Month
Anna Shvets

Exercise daily

First, you need to develop a clear plan of action, and most importantly, carefully adhere to it throughout the time, so that the efforts are not in vain. And the main thing to start with is playing sports. Daily morning runs and swimming are just what you need because these sports can tone the muscles of not only the legs but also the whole body.

Monitoring your diet

Secondly, girls will need to start monitoring their diet, which means that they will have to flatly deny themselves the use of fatty and fried foods, flour, smoked and sweet. Coffee should be replaced with green or herbal tea, and the last meal should be no later than seven in the evening. Sure, this may seem like a pretty tough diet to some, but the goal always justifies the effort.

Further, what should be mentioned, and what is quite important — is the complete rejection of bad habits, whether smoking or drinking alcohol, since both the first and second only spoil your skin and health in general.

Now let’s talk about self-care. Naturally, the condition of teeth and nails is out of the question here, since they must be in perfect condition everywhere and always. But about the skin and hair, here you should talk in more detail because many girls simply do not know how to properly care for them.

Just want to say that something that is suitable for some, may simply be contraindicated for others, and you need to incite your own way of care individually. For example, this applies to the type of facial skin. If the skin is prone to greasiness, then it should be washed more often with a lotion against oily skin, and if the skin is constantly dry, then, on the contrary, you need to apply moisturizers.

As for the hair, there may also be some peculiarities here. For example, if they are very hot with paint, then their treatment will take many times longer than if it is just greasy or dry hair. In general, now the trend is naturalness, and young girls should grow their hair and not spoil it with various chemicals. Also, ladies should choose a suitable hairstyle for themselves, since this is something that everyone immediately pays attention to.

If you pull yourself together and set yourself the task of looking much better, then if you follow all the above recommendations, everything will work out!

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