How to be popular in school

How to become popular at school? Already from the age of 10-12, girls begin to notice that someone at school shows increased attention, and someone simply does not notice. Usually, popularity is gained in the very first years of training. 

A certain status is attached to each student and lasts until the end of school. How can you change your attitude to yourself? How to turn from a gray mouse into the most popular girl in school? To achieve this, you need to make some changes in yourself.

How to be popular in school

Changing your appearance

To radically change the appearance that everyone will like, it is not necessary to repaint your hair or shave your temples. However, if you have been wearing the same hairstyle for several years, it is still worth changing it. If you have long hair, you can experiment with styling. 

See how popular TV series heroines comb their hair, try to style your hair as well. By experimenting, you will definitely find the image that suits you best. To make your hair beautiful and shiny, you just need to do hair masks 2 times a week, cut off the split ends in time, and do not abuse styling products. Sometimes a new fashionable haircut can save the situation.

If you dream of becoming a popular girl, then you should understand that popularity entails unnecessary attention. If you become popular, you will literally be considered “under the microscope” by both competitors and fans. Therefore, you will always need to carefully monitor your appearance — your shoes should be clean, your manicure should be on top, your clothes should be neat, and your hair should be well-groomed.

To attract attention with the help of appearance, in any case, do not copy the style of dressing from popular girls. Every girl who wants to become popular must find her own style and stick to it. With the help of clothes, you can always highlight your advantages and hide your shortcomings. Determine which colors suit you, which clothes make you look beautiful and which ones spoil you. Wear only what suits you. Don’t always wear dark clothes. In your wardrobe must be things of bright, juicy colors.

Showing your talents

Every girl must have hobbies that even many people do not know about. All this happens because of shyness or modesty. Don’t be afraid to show off your talents in public — agree to participate in dance competitions, offer help with the preparation of a number, draw a poster, sing a song at the festival, treat your friends to cookies that you baked yourself. There are a great many ways.

You should not be afraid to show yourself everywhere. If you have a point of view of your own, express it. This should happen both in the classroom and in communication with peers. That’s the only way they’ll notice you. Don’t be afraid to be funny. Learn to translate everything into a joke, if you really said something stupid.

Remember that popular girls may not like this new active behavior of yours, as it reduces attention to them. They may begin to belittle your dignity in every possible way and even begin to mock you. If this happens to you, do not be upset in any way. Remember that everyone who aspires to popularity goes through this process. Come up with decent responses to possible ridicule in advance. Remember that popularity also implies a certain degree of respect, and respect still needs to be earned.

Communicate more!

To become a popular girl, you need to expand your social circle. Do not be afraid to make new acquaintances do not limit your social circle to 2-3 friends. When appropriate, express praise, advice, support, and concern for your classmates. Meet students from parallel classes.

A very small social circle happens only to those girls who spend all their free time at home. If this is the case, be sure to sign up for a sports section or some other interest group. In a new environment, it will be easier for you to express your personality, express yourself. Gaining popularity there will make it easier for you to gain popularity at school. You can also take part in the campaign to help homeless animals or children with disabilities. Any activity you do will not go unnoticed.

How to gain popularity among guys?

Girls chase popularity to attract the attention of the opposite sex. But what if, after becoming beautiful and interesting, the girl does not enjoy the attention of guys? They don’t pay attention, don’t ask you out? Very often you can observe the situation that from the very 1st-grade flowers and attention are received by the same girls,

and others do not seem to exist. It is not only possible to correct this situation, but also necessary. Otherwise, you may lose confidence in yourself. Every girl just needs to hear compliments and receive signs of attention in order to feel irresistible and attractive. And it is this feeling that makes a girl popular.

So break the stereotypes. You need to show your classmates that outside of school you are quite popular and bask in the attention. How to do it? Cheat a little. Ask a guy you know (for example, a friend of your brother) to come to your school. 

This should happen when all students are in the classroom. Put a photo of a guy with an interesting caption in your notebook and make it noticed. If you have any questions, you can say that you met a guy, but he recently had to move to another city. Invite your classmates to places where you are very much loved and popular.

To become an interesting girl, you need to be very interested in a lot of things!

If it’s boring to communicate with you, then it’s unlikely that anyone will want to communicate for more than 5 minutes. Keep a close eye on the other person: if you see that they are not interested in the topic, immediately switch to another one. Don’t be a bore!

After a while, they will reconsider their point of view about you, and the first fans will start appearing. To become the most popular girl in school, you will have to try twice in all respects!

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