How to be patient with toddlers

How to be patient with toddlers

Being patient with your toddler is many times easier said than done. How do you keep your cool when your daughter decides she wants to dress up like you and smear makeup all over her face and your clothes–and perhaps even your walls? When you walk in on that scene, can you keep yourself from having flames shoot out your ears?

The best thing to realize is that when you have a toddler, anything that can happen absolutely will. You will have many accidents and many things in your house will be destroyed.

The best thing you need to do when you enter a situation like this is to realize this is your child you’re dealing with not some dirty rag that needs to be shaken and beaten. You first need to take a deep breath and think before you speak. Always mean what you say and say what you mean. If you choose to raise your voice, make sure what you say is accurate and fair. Remember, that children are children, and your daughter was just trying to be like you.

When you claim a punishment initially when seeing what your child has done, make sure you follow through. You don’t want your child to think you don’t mean what you say. If you don’t punish your child like you say you will, it will be difficult for her to trust you next time.

When you encounter a trying situation you should try to remain calm. This is your child you’re talking to. Be specific about what you want to say to your child in a calm voice, and get to the point of what you’re saying quickly.

Other potentially trying situations for parents are when your child can’t decide which Matchbox car or which Barbie doll he or she wants in the store. Learn that your child needs to make a careful decision and respect that. When you travel with your child, know that it will likely take longer than otherwise.

If you have a difficult time being patient, find something to occupy your time while your child is occupying it at the same time. Learning how to be patient can take some time and for many parents it takes practice.

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