How to be modest in today’s fashions

How to be modest in today's fashions

How to be modest in today’s immodest fashions

For many girls and women who believe in modesty and chastity, shopping for clothes can be a nightmare. Buying trendy clothes can be very tempting, but in an effort to show less skin, you can find yourself leaving the store empty-handed or rummaging through old ladies’ clothing.

Here are some ideas you can use that will allow you to purchase popular and trendy clothing while remaining modest. Just say no. Let’s face it; there will be clothes that should just be avoided.

Low-rise jeans with thong underwear are not only unattractive on most women but are also obscene. Halters that barely cover the breasts would not work either.
If an item is too tight, then chances are it is too small. Purchase the item in a bigger size, regardless of what the tag says.

As for short shorts, they should be avoided. To decide if shorts are long enough, try them on, and then stand in the mirror with your arms by your side. If they are longer than your fingertips, they are fine.

Learn to sew. Many fashions trends can be altered in a way that will allow them to remain fashionable while keeping your body under wraps:

Bring low-rise jeans up to the waist by sewing in an extra waistband from a pair of sweat pants or shorts. Depending on how low the rise is, you may want to sew on the waistband and a few more inches of fabric.

Add a layer or more of decorative trim or lace to the hem of a short skirt to bring it to the correct length. Use the same guide as you use to determine the proper length of shorts.

Long skirts with slits that go all the way up the leg can be sewn shut or to a reasonable height. Be careful if it is a very narrow skirt as you may find yourself waddling or making small steps when you walk.

Put a layer below. Weather-appropriate clothing layers will solve most modesty dilemmas.

Purchase a few men’s ribbed t-shirts in different colors to wear under all of your summer tops. This will not only keep you cool, but it will conceal your body while allowing you to wear low-cut necklines and tops with rips and peek-a-boo holes. In addition to covering your upper body, the extra length in these shirts will cover what a mid-drift top or low-rise waistband does not.

Wear stretch pants, jeans, or shorts under a short skirt. This will make your outfit not only the most modest, but also the most creative in the room.

If you really like tube tops, wear them on top of a shirt or dress. You can wear them across your chest or your hips. However, if you already have an ample figure, this accessory will bring unwanted attention.

Long lightweight skirts are also a great wardrobe staple to keep on hand. You can wear them overstretch pants if they are see-through, or under a mini skirt, or a long dress with slits. Wear one thin skirt under another and have the hem peek out like a petticoat.

Long underwear is available in soft pretty fabrics and colors. You can purchase camisoles, long sleeve tops, and bottoms of different lengths to go under your clothes as well. They will cover any areas you do not want to show and keep you warm, and no one will know they are looking at your underwear.

So you see, memorizing a simple rhyme will help solve your clothes shopping dilemmas. So instead of running for the old ladies rack next time you shop, remember to just say no, earn to sew and put a layer below.

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