How to Be a Working Mom

How to Be a Working Mom

Many moms would like to have a job to bring extra cash into their household, yet they are troubled about leaving their children. Some children are too young to leave alone and others might just get into trouble!

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to arrange the days and hours that you work around your own schedule to what is convenient for you and your family? Flexibility is the key and is what most mothers are searching for.

Well your search is over! If you are outgoing, you like talking to people and making new friends, then there are several opportunities out there for you. You are able to find a job that offers the extra cash needed, the possibility of having your own career and the flexibility to work around your home life too.

Avon, Tupperware and Pampered Chef are just a few of the many careers that are exactly what you may be looking for.

Becoming a representative for any of these companies gives you the flexibility that is needed to be able to be home for your children and bring in the extra needed cash. Each company will train you, so you can prosper from having your own business. Only you control the amount of hours and days that you wish to work and make as much money as you care to. You can work as little or as much as you want. It is all up to you! You can make just some extra cash or you can build yourself a career with the many other opportunities that these companies have.

These are the benefits of finding a career that allows you to be home.

  1. You are home with your children.
    This is the most important reason for staying at home!
  2. Your hours are flexible.
    You create your schedule so if something comes up last minute, you can arrange to be home or wherever needed.
  3. You can work as much as you want.
    One month you could work a lot, the next month you could work only a few days. It’s all up to you!
  4. You can make extra money.
    Everyone can always use some spare change!
  5. You can make new friends.
    It’s always nice to get out on your own without the kids every now and then.
  6. You can have something to call your own.
    You are not just a homemaker, but a career mom!

Here is information on a few companies!

Avon (search for ‘Avon’ at your favorite search engine)
Become a representative for a company that sells cosmetics and more. You don’t sell products door to door, you mail out or pass out brochures and people contact you with orders!

Tupperware (search for ‘Tupperware’ on the Web)
Become a consultant for a company that sells kitchenware and other gadgets. You can have demonstrations in people’s homes or just hand out catalogs for book parties. Everyone loves Tupperware!

Pampered Chef (Search for ‘pampered chef’ online)
Become a demonstrator for a company that sells kitchen gadgets to make cooking easier and fun! You can have home parties or pass out the catalogs for orders.

These careers are easy to start and very rewarding. Have fun!

These careers