How to be a successful woman

successful woman

How can I be a successful woman? You can start by never being a victim. This article aims its message at those women who strive to be strong, independent women. Women should always try to be self-reliant. Many times the only thing separating a woman from success is her level of self-esteem. Sadly, so many women view themselves as subservient or worth less than men.

Many times this is because of a lack of education or work experience. So many homemakers especially view themselves as “just Moms and housewives”.

This is a dangerous way in which to view our accomplishments. The jobs that a homemaker or mom is responsible are among the most important in the world. If we as citizens give credit where credit is due, as well as wages, then this would be the highest paid social class by far. Sadly, this is not the case

Any woman who runs a house is qualified to be a CEO. Just poll women, they will confirm this. Too often the role of women is that of nursemaid and maid. Although many of us women truly love our role of caregiver, others want to be recognized as much more- a successful woman!

We need to have other “normal” women as role models. When we see intelligent and very successful women that were homemakers and “nursemaids” if you will, that is when women will no longer have to strive to be a success.

A good role model is what can mold a woman into a strong, well-defined woman. Not all of us are lucky enough to have had a strong influence from the women in our lives, though. Mentors are also a priceless commodity to any woman.

By forming a sense of community and sisterhood, women are able to accomplish so much. In this manner, women are also able to inspire the young women of tomorrow with visions of success. The best vision for a young girl to have is that of a good education.

An education is the best defense for any problem that a woman may encounter with her self-confidence and self-esteem. This is also the best defense against remaining reliant or dependent on anyone for her care. Women that are a success are not just corporate executives, but also homemakers. Be leaders in your community so that young girls see that they can emulate your success.

Young girls are not the only ones who should see their mothers and other female community member’s being visible leaders, but so too should young men. When a man is raised by a strong woman that instills a sense of respect for women, he is better prepared for life in this new century that is filled with a need for continued equal rights.

A woman who prepares her son in this manner is also giving him the best gift- a better chance at a successful relationship or marriage. Men that see their wives as equals and who show them respect are much less likely to experience relational difficulties with women.

Through education, community, and self-esteem, men and women can both work together to form a community that will be a much better world for our youth.

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